ARMA II: Advanced Combat Environment 2 (2011/MULTI2/ADDON) - Combined Operations

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ARMA II: Advanced Combat Environment 2 (2011/MULTI2/ADDON) [Combined Operations]
Year: 2011 | Language: Eng, Rus | PC | Developer: Bohemia Interactive Studios | 1.36 GB
Genre: Action (Tactical / shooter), Strategy (Tactical), Simulator

This modification is aimed at the maximum simulated reality in the game. It is based on the ACE for the first ArmA, which in turn is based on a modification of WGL for Operation Flashpoint.

Short list of changes, additions, modules and functions of the modification
Air refueling (Aerial Refueling)
Fast and Furious (Afterburners)
AI improvements (AI Improvements)
Optical devices (Attachments)
Autorotation (Auto Rotation)
Jetstream (Back Blast)
The bloody trail (Blood Trails)
Chem. lights (Chem Lights)
Stun (Combatrelated Deafness)
Funnel (Craters)
Damage to the crew (Crew Damage)
Protection of the crew (Crew Protection)
Team Weapons (Crew Served Weapons)
Effects of destruction (Destruction Effects)
Disposable weapon (Disposable Weapons)
EASA (module)
Explosives (Explosives)
Effects of explosions (Explosion Effects)
Fast switching (Fast Switching)
False heat targets (Flares)
Svetoshokovaya garnet (Flashbangs)
Torches (Flashlights)
Overload (GForces)
Gas (Gas)
Goggles (Goggles)
Interaction (Interaction with Others)
Invisible target (Invisible Targets)
Download Wizard (Lademeister)
The system stores (Magazines System)
Improved management of missiles (Missile Guidance Improvements)
Improving the properties of multilateral arms (Multibarrel Weapon Enhancements)
Shock wave (Muzzle Blast)
The initial velocity (Muzzle Velocity)
Nuclear Weapons (Nuclear Weapons)
Night vision devices (NVG)
Distance (Rangefinding Devices)
Repair (Repair)
Ballistic Missile (Rocket Ballistics)
Backpacks (Rucksacks)
Sandbags (Sandbags)
Ammunition for a shotgun (Shotgun Ammunition)
Settings sighting (Sights Adjustment)
Sniper rifles (Sniper rifles)
Transport and Tripod system (Vehicle / tripod systems)
Grenade launchers (Underbarrel grenadelaunchers)
Ranging SMAW (SMAW Spotting Rifle)
Stamina (Stamina)
Tail rotor (Tailrotor)
Imager (Thermal Imaging)
Towing (Towing)
Seizing Weapons (Weapon Jamming)
Deployment of weapons (Weapon Resting)
Bipod (Weapon Bipods)
Wind (Wind Deflection)
Pliers (Wirecutter)
White phosphorus (White Phosphorus)
System injuries (Wounding System)
Shells (Cartridges)
Keys (Keys)
Setting ILS (ILS Settings)
System installation distance (Sight Adjustment Method)

System requirements:
Operating system Windows XP / Vista
DualCore processor Intel Core / AMD Athlon processor with a clock frequency of 2.4 GHz
Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT/ATI Radeon 3650 or better with 512 MB of graphics memory and support for Shader Model 3
10 GB of free hard disk space;

Ext. Information: For the fashion needs two games (ArmA2 and ArmA 2: Operation Arrow + patch last version)

Installation Procedure
1.Set Arma2
2.Install ArmA 2: Operation Strela
3.Ustanovit latest version of the patch for ArmA 2: Operation Strela
4.Ustanovit modes ACE Advanced Combat Environment

Installation instructions
Throws all the contents of the folder, ACE ... build a folder with a game (the destination folder ArmA2), create a shortcut on ArmA II Launcher on the desktop, run ArmA II Launcher, tick as in the figure, save the settings launcher and press START ArmA2

Since a complete description of all the features of this modification would take more than one page, a list of changes and additions put into a text document arma.rtf and packed with files modified in the archive.

Download from HotFile:

Download from FileSonic:

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