Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament-SPLATTERKiNGS

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Micro Machines 2: Turbo TournamentSPLATTERKiNGS
Released: 1994 | Language: English P| PC | Developed: Codemasters | Published: Codemasters | 290 MB
Genre: Racing

This is a second game of the series. As in its predecessor, you behind the wheel of an extremely small car. You get to drive around in those little carriers, Galoob sells by the ton on some very strange tracks like the bathtub, on the dining table, and so on. You even get to choose your driver from some rather crazy looking characters.
Micro Machines 2 is about the most fun I ever had on my Mega Drive, and that is saying something. Whether it was screeching your tiny vehicle around gutter piping before catapulting into a nearby tree house, racing around a toilet seat or teetering over a revolving cornonthe cob, it simply oozed imagination, charm and good clean fun.

The original was a classic in its own right, but the sequel delivered everything you could possibly have hoped for. Most notably, Codemasters showcased their JCart which saw the selfproduced cartridge came with two extra joypad ports, allowing fourplayer action without having to shell out for an adaptor. It was one in the eye for both Sega and Electronic Arts who were touting their own adaptors, particularly as the whole shebang cost only £35 on release.

Micro Machines 2 is certainly a fun and exhaustive game for one player, with a range of tournaments, tracks and vehicles. However, it comes into its own as a party game. Plug in a mate or three and the real game begins. Players must literally race each other off the screen, which leads to some superb and hilarious gaming moments. A track where players must hitch a ride on a bath sponge and sail across a sink to the other side will, alone, provide four human players with more laughter than a whole series of The Mighty Boosh.

In fact, it’s such a perfect game that even now, countless sequels and an added dimension later, it has never been bettered. It is everything a game should be; simple, fun, childish and hellishly addictive.

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