Front Mission Evolved

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In the future, the world is a changed place. Technology has advanced. Countries have merged into massive geopolitical blocks. But one thing, sadly, remains the same: Humanity’s appetite for war. When a terrorist attack destroys one of the USN’s prized orbital elevators, the military is mobilized to eliminate the threat. Dylan Ramsey, a young engineer, finds himself quickly caught in a swirl of destruction, conspiracies and crumbling alliances. Experience his story in this high-octane third-person shooter. Choose from dozens of weapons and wanzer parts to customize your unit, and blast your way to victory. When you think you’re ready for a new challenge, join the ranks of online pilots for intense multiplayer battles!
Front Mission Evolved is the latest installment in the Front Mission Series, making a debut departure into a Third Person Action game. As Dylan Ramsey you will be faced with armies of enemies as you command and customize your Wanzer, a giant bipedal tank. Each Wanzer is equipped with massive firepower as you navigate the concrete mazes of cities, and travel as far as the frozen wastes of the Antarctic in massive battles that could cause a world war.

The year is 2171, and a new cold war has washed over the world as the countries of the world have gathered under two separate banners the U.S.N and the O.C.U. Giant towers called Orbital Elevators have been build from the ground into the sky, each offering unblinking surveillance the world over. Dylan Ramsey, a Wanzer engineer for Diable Avionics, is quickly swept up in a battle of geopolitical interests, and as he stands staring down the precipice of a world war he will unearth the truth behind a new enemy.

In the new world the weapon of choice is the Wanzer. Twenty-five foot tall war machines with enough fire power to level a tank battalion. Each Wanzer can be customized to fit any combat
situation, allowing for the changing of parts, weapons, and skills.

A Wanzer is comprised of 4 main parts: Body, Arms, Legs, and Backpack. Each part can be selected and visually customized with emblems and camouflage.
Body: Different body frames account for durability as well as overall weight capacity
Arms: Each arm type offers varying effectiveness for accuracy as well as armor
Legs: Leg types range from Hover, Bipedal, and Spider types
Backpack: Backpacks offer individual abilities that can be set for different pilot types. Hover, Repair, EMP each offer unique play styles to a Wanzer

The Wanzer is capable of a four weapon load out, equipping one in each hand and two shoulder mounted weapons.
Hand Weapons: Rifles, Shotguns, Machine Guns, and melee weapons such as steel rods or knuckles can be equipped on a Wanzer to implore a wide arrange of damage.
Shoulder: Both the right and left shoulder of a Wanzer can bear the weight of Rockets, Gatling Guns, and Missile Pods for more firepower.

Battle Skills
Unique to each pilot is the Battle Skill, which can offer a tactical edge in combat.

The EDGE systems is a unique skill which allows the user to increase Wanzer response time and damage.

The Ground War
The Wanzer isn't the only place to fight, on foot mission offers a change of momentum where you will face tight corridors and a slew of enemies as well as a few wide open spaced for you to face off against a Wanzer.

For the first time in the US Front Mission Evolved introduces Wanzer based multiplayer combat. Take aim as you fight the online community in deathmatch and other multiplayer game types. Full Wanzer customization with parts exclusive to multiplayer adds a layer of strategy to these massive battles.

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