The Haunted 3.0 (PC Game/2010/Final)

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The Haunted 3.0 (PC Game/2010/Final)
English | PC | Developers: The Haunted Team | 392 MB
Genre: TPS (Third Person Shooter) / Coop-Horror

A sort of Killing Floor on the engine, Unreal Tournament 3. The Haunted is a cooperative horor mod, mod is made with emphasis on the multiplayer mode where you want to clean the world from the forces of evil. People opposed to all sorts of demons, zombies and other mischief. Style of play is designed as if the player is in the movie.

Monsters and humanoids are cutting everywhere in the many variations and gives you a sense of real struggle for her life. In addition, it is necessary to monitor the dangerous traps and environmental disasters.

In multiplayer mode, players can control the demons as well as several champions from hell Simultaneity (a sort of bosses). Cards create a mystical atmosphere, with stunning graphics and effects. Also done a good animation, blood, etc.

Solo Mode: a single mode for one person to srazhatsya himself against the forces of evil.
Coop Mode: up to 4 players resist against the undead.
Need to send a maximum number of demons back to hell, and souls to redeem their fallen comrades.
Battle Mode: 4 player for people to 4 players for the Demons.
Demonizer: as in Coop Mode but lost a player turns into a demon and so on until the last little people!

System requirements:
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista
Processor: Dual Core processor Intel / AMD 2.4 + GHz
Memory: 1 GB
Video: nVidia GeForce 7800 GTX + or ATI Radeon x1600 +
Hard disk: 8 GB free hard disk space

Additional Information:
To work correctly, the modification requires a patch for the game version 2.0
Installation: C: \ Documents and Settings \ YOURNAME \ My Documents \ My Games \ Unreal Tournament 3 \ TheBall \



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