Resident Evil 5 MOD Collection Pack (2010/ML/PC/Addon)

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Resident Evil 5 MOD Collection Pack (2010/ML/PC/ADDON)
PC | ML | Developer: Capcom Entertainment | Publisher: Capcom Entertainment | 2010 | 700 MB
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 3rd Person

In this release, offered musical and textural modifications for Resident Evil 5. Version of the game - RIP, RePack or license, as well as localization - for mods do not matter.
Music pack provides an alternative soundtrack, voices, sounds of the circle. conditions, strokes, groaning, pant - are not affected.
- Texture pack contains texture modification, for characters and weapons are a few mods to replace the models, such as characters and weapons. Also included in the release of modes on the color palette.

Music Pack is a single archive. But the texture modes are divided into sections. Each section bears the name of the character, which includes data modification. Mods very much, each describing a problem. In the folder with every mod attached some screenshots to reflect its essence. It is recommended to view the screens, because many mods there are several options with minor differences: different eye color, hair, etc.

- Before installing, it is recommended to backup replaced files.
- From the archive folder "nativePC" folder in the game, with the replacement.
- Just in case, read the "readme", where everything is described in more detail

The archive also included utility "Model Swap Trainer v3.3" You can use it to replace Chris and Sheva on: Chris / Sheva (swap) all options suits, Wesker two versions of the costume, Jill two options suit, Josh and Irwin. You can configure the camera as the "heart's desire: to distance / zoom camera, change the angle and other modes - sight and broskagranaty. Utility has options that will unlock and customize any weapon in the game, change the level of damage, critical damage, the size of cages, the rate of fire, etc., and even a whole slew of chiternyh settings. But the most interesting in this program, it will play in the hidden mode in the game mercenaries - "Versus mode"!!!

Installation and instructions:
The first thing to make a reserve game saving, because the utility badly on them "to make fun of."

Ways to halyards conservation:
folder Xlive - C: \ Documents and Settings \ Username \ Local Settings \ Application Data \ Microsoft
CAPCOM folder in "My documents".
Vista \ W7
folder Xlive - C: \ Users \ username \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft
CAPCOM folder in "My documents" on disk "C" - C: \ Users \ Username \ Documents \

To use the utility to a folder "nativePC", from the archive "Materials Required" to move the replacement to the folder where you installed the game. After that pull from the archives of "Model Swap Trainer" the utility (Folder "Model Swap Trainer v3.3") and move it to the game folder. Next, make a shortcut to the executable payload file utility on the desktop for convenience. Start the game and then trainer and start experimenting. To begin with recommended to run the game in a window: run the game, reduces the resolution (1280x1024 I changed to 1024x768) save the settings and click "Alt" "Enter". Tpere can switch between game and desktop with the aid of key "Windows" or a combination of "Alt" "Tab".

Compatible Trainer and modifications:
With "mod to sound" Trainer does not intersect, but it will work with mods loco costumes and models of heroes - is unknown. So it is better to reinstall the game and put the trainer on the "freshly installed game." You can try, after installing the Trainer rolled forward from the top favorite modes, such as a simple "Sheva BSAA Orange", but such variants have not yet been tested



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