Fifa 11 cheats and tricks

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Infinite money in Career mode

Select a team in Career mode. Purchase a player who is listed for loan. Sign the player, then go to "Budget Allocation", and set the "Transfer Funds" to "Wage Budget" ratio 0:100. This makes the money for transfer funds 0%. Go to "Sell Players", and terminate the loan of the player you just signed. You should have more than $2 billion. Go to "Budget Allocation", and change your wages funds percentage as desired (40:60 is recommended).

During a transfer period, loan any player. Once he has signed, go into your budget allocation, and put the entire budget into wages. Then, release the player instantly. Go back into your budget allocation, and put the allocation level to 50:50. You should now have over 2 billion for transfers and 46 million for wages.

Easy arena accomplishments

As a player, kick the ball away. Then, switch to the goalkeeper, and run as far away as possible from the goal while the AI controls your player and runs to the ball. Switch back to your Virtual Pro player, and shoot from a distance to get the accomplishment for shooting from a distance of 32 yards. If you juggle the ball and volley, you will also get another accomplishment. This trick also helps to get other accomplishments

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