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First of all cafeworld is a fast growing game in facebook and other social networking sites.In online games like mafiawars,cityville, cafeworld etc there is no cheats for improving levels.
Here are some tips for improving level in cafeworld

1.How to make money
It's simple. Cook the dish that generates the most money - on all your stoves. No I'm not kidding. Cook it over and over. Who cares really? Takes equal number of clicks to get it cooking. The customers that come in aren't exactly too picky about what they want to eat. So why do you care for your menu to have such variety? If you cook the dish that generates the most money overall, you're increasing you're buzz rating, you're making tons of money and you're gaining more experience points too. Yes, this dish will probably need more time to cook, even two days, but patience, my friend, is a virtue.
Now you might say that, what if I want to cook everyday to gain the rewards that come with cooking daily. That takes us to the next point.

2. How to cook dishes that take 2 days to cook over and over again everyday.
Suppose you have 14 stoves. Put the two day dish(Dish A) on 7 of them. Put a 1 day dish(Dish B) on the rest. The next day, Dish B will be ready. Now put Dish A to cook on these stoves too and you have a cycle going. One set of 7 stoves are ready to serve everyday. You cook everyday. And you get your everyday rewards, well, everyday.

3.Buy less expensive tables, chair,free accessories for decoration and clothing.Wait until you earn extra money for putting on the chef and your cafe.The different items are only for show--there's no benefit to more expensive stoves or counter tops. They are just for decoration.

4. Be a good neighbor- being a good neighbor helps to play nice and fair by sending gifts to your neighbor you have a chance to get back the gifts.Beware gifts sending and receiving are the main things in these type of online games

5.Try making a new dish--at least once! You'll not only get some XP, you'll also be given a bonus gift of free food to serve. And by publishing your announcement to your friends on Facebook, you'll allow them to get some free food as a gift, too!

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