Call of duty cheats

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Enabling Cheat Mode:
In order to enable cheats to be used with the single player version of
Call of Duty, you must follow these steps:
1.Right click on the Call of Duty Single Player shortcut and select
2.In the "Target" field enter(w/o quotes)
"+set thereisacow 1337 +set developer 1 +set sv_cheats 1 +set monkeytoy 0"
(i.e. "C:\Program Files\Call of Duty\CoDSP.exe" +set thereisacow 1337 +set
developer 1 +set sv_cheats 1 +set monkeytoy 0)

3.Start up COD, press the tilde key (~) to enter console.
4.Enter the below cheats for desired effect.

Effect Code
Spawn indicated item - give
Full health - give health
Get all items - give all
Ammunition - give ammo
Invincibility - god
Ignored by enemy - notarget
No clipping mode - noclip
Toggle debug mode - debug <0-1>
Toggle developer mode - developer <0-1>
Fly mode - ufo
Teleport to a specific map node - jumptonode
Suicide - kill
List all cvars - cvarlist
Dump all cvars to console - cvardump
Reset all cvars - cvar_restart
List all console commands - cmdlist
List all shaders of current map - shaderlist
List all images of current map - imagelist
List all sounds currently used - snd_list
List all entities currently used - entitylist
List all currently bound keys - bindlist
View graphics information - gfxinfo
Save game - savegame
Load saved game - loadgame
Reset variable to default value - reset
Play a cinematic file - cinematic
Set crosshair transparency; default is 1.0 - cg_crosshairAlpha
Set gravity value; default is 800 - g_gravity
Set HUD transparency; default is 1.0 - cg_hudAlpha
Set second that dead bodies remain onscreen - ai_corpsecount
Set shellshock duration - cg_shellshock
Set skill level - g_gameSkill
Set weapon knockback power; default is 1000 - g_knockback
Show miss distance when hitting NPCs - cg_showMiss <0-1>
Spawn indicated model - testmodel
Toggle AI - g_ai <0-1>
Toggle bullet debug mode - g_debugBullets <0-1>
Toggle bullet marks - cg_marks <0-1>
Toggle console debugging. - con_debug <0-1>
Toggle crosshair - cg_drawCrosshair <0-1>
Toggle ejecting shells - cg_brass <0-1>
Toggle entity bounding boxes - g_drawEntBBoxes v
Toggle fog - r_fog <0-1>
Toggle framerate displae - cg_drawFPS <0-1>
Toggle FX - fx_draw <0-1>
Toggle FX debugging. - fx_debug <0-1>
Toggle FX freezing - fx_freeze <0-1>
Toggle fx. If set to 0, fx will be disabled - fx_enable <0-1>
Toggle game timer - cg_drawTimer <0-1>
Toggle hit debug mode - g_debugShowHit <0-1>
Toggle HUD - cg_drawStatus <0-1>
Toggle HUD and crosshair - cg_draw2D <0-1>
Toggle letterbox format - cg_letterbox <0-1>
Toggle NPC health display - g_debugDamage <0 or 1>
Toggle objects and backgrounds - r_drawWorld <0-1>
Toggle objects and NPCs - r_drawEntities <0-1>
Toggle player and AI movement debug mode - g_debugMove <0-1>
Toggle player and AI movement debugging. - cl_debugMove <0-1>
Toggle rendring - cg_noRender <0-1>
Toggle shadows. - cg_shadows <0-1>
Toggle spawning - g_spawnai <0-1>
Toggle subtitles - cg_subtitles <0-1>
Toggle third person view - cg_thirdPerson <0-1>
Toggle vehicle debug mode - g_vehicleDebug <0-1>
Toggle wireframe mode - r_showtris <0-1>
Unknown - testgun
Unknown - debug_tankall <0-1>
Unknown - chain <0-1>
Unknown - ai_nocriticalsections <0-1>
Unknown - cg_skybox <0-1>
Unknown - cg_stats <0-1>
Unknown - cg_noPredict <0-1>
Unknown - cg_selectPlayer
Unknown - cg_tracerChance
Unknown - cg_ignore <0-1>
Unknown - cl_run <0-1>
Unknown - cl_running <0-1>
Unknown - dmflags <0-1>
Unknown - g_changelevel_time

Map names:
Play indicated map - map

Map names:

Submitted by: bart

dont use + set developer 1 in cheat line
when u modify the *.exe. because u get anoing text on your screen.
yust use +set thereisacow 1337 +set sv_cheats 1 +set monkeytoy 0
and it will work

Cheat activation method for the demo:

The cheat activation method for the demo has been disabled for the game
itself (apperently Infinity Ward dislike cheating). now it is neccesary to
add the following to the end of the target line:
" +set thereisacow 1337 +set developer 1 +set sv_cheats 1 +set monkeytoy 0"
(as usual ignore quotes" Some people have discovered issues in gameplay from
this method, for most it works fine.
Stalingrad docks:
After you meet Sergeant Borodin, he sends you first to avoid his death,
after you pass the arrive at the second checkpoint wait until he gives
the all clear to get to the ruined building Don’t rush it, if you go
before he’s ready the officer down there classifies you as a traitor
and (Ouch!!)
In this mission, your superiors order you to participate in a suicide
charge, Instead of going forward try backpedaling to the starting point
after going forward a little way,

Mp 40 submachine Gun:
This is the German counterpart to the Allied Thompson, Use the MP 40
it’s quite accurate and packs a decent punch although the mp 40 doesn’t
have a high fire rate as the Thompson it has a low recoil which allows
you to fire at a target some distance away with decent accuracy

Mp 44:
This perhaps, is the world’s first assault rifle, in cod 1 you first
encounter this amazing weapon in the British mission "Pegasus day"
When you see this drop everything necessary to take this
You’ll soon see why

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