Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

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Gold deprive people of reason, they circled the head, and destroys any bonds, including blood. You have to try a captivating force of his brilliance in the game Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. Together with the McCall brothers, will you be going in an exciting and life-threatening journey from civil war-ravaged Georgia to the Aztec ruins in Mexico. At the end of the road you will find a reward - the ancient Indian treasures. However, of those who go for the gold, death often followed before he found his El Dorado.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood reveals the past heroes of Call of Juarez and tells about the events leading up to the first part of the game. You can go in search of treasure as one of two brothers - Ray and Thomas. They differ from each other, and an arsenal of martial skills, so that in each case is a unique adventure. You will travel on horses, in wagons and canoes, offering a picturesque open spaces of the Wild West and meet colorful characters. This trip you will not ever forget.

# Blood brotherhood. Go on a trip in the role of Ray, or Thomas. One brother prefers close combat weapons and virtuoso turns with lasso, and another hit from afar and he knows sense of explosives. Whom would you choose, you will need assistance - just the ability to combine the two brothers, one can survive in the Wild West.

# Virtuoso shooting. We have a huge arsenal, consisting of heavy weapons, machine guns and pistols of different. The more you shoot, the more increases the concentration of the hero. After a series of best shot, you turn the character into the perfect car for the killings, but combining efforts with his brother, obrazuete adamantine duo.

# This Wild West. Thanks to excellent chosen decorations you feel best western hero. Enjoy drowning in tobacco smoke salun, a remote Indian village in the woods, the desert of Arizona, giant cotton plantation, and a real ghost town.

# Network fighting spirit of the era. Take part in exciting the collective modes. You can both fight for a specific purpose or simply to fight for their lives. The more enemies you kill, the more expensive will be evaluated by your head!

Download :

http:// hotfile. com/dl/55942300/b1c83ce/pogbackup_clojz.part01.rar.html
http:// hotfile. com/dl/55942336/f8857a9/pogbackup_clojz.part02.rar.html
http:// hotfile. com/dl/55942388/ef07498/pogbackup_clojz.part03.rar.html
http:// hotfile. com/dl/55942424/3d7d923/pogbackup_clojz.part04.rar.html
http:// hotfile. com/dl/55942466/30c06c3/pogbackup_clojz.part05.rar.html
http:// hotfile. com/dl/55942511/2c135b0/pogbackup_clojz.part06.rar.html
http:// hotfile. com/dl/55942541/c83f733/pogbackup_clojz.part07.rar.html
http:// hotfile. com/dl/55942585/604ee70/pogbackup_clojz.part08.rar.html
http:// hotfile. com/dl/55942618/0f6f2e1/pogbackup_clojz.part09.rar.html
http:// hotfile. com/dl/55942662/a5f8464/pogbackup_clojz.part10.rar.html
http:// hotfile. com/dl/55942725/21333d4/pogbackup_clojz.part11.rar.html
http:// hotfile. com/dl/55942785/91fd5dd/pogbackup_clojz.part12.rar.html
http:// hotfile. com/dl/55942815/335e7aa/pogbackup_clojz.part13.rar.html
http:// hotfile. com/dl/55942847/e88a9c7/pogbackup_clojz.part14.rar.html
http:// hotfile. com/dl/55942873/8f0cdf3/pogbackup_clojz.part15.rar.html
http:// hotfile. com/dl/55942898/4bea7d5/pogbackup_clojz.part16.rar.html
http:// hotfile. com/dl/55942955/8ae03bb/pogbackup_clojz.part17.rar.html
http:// hotfile. com/dl/55942984/3a2f2b0/pogbackup_clojz.part18.rar.html
http:// hotfile. com/dl/55943020/048a97a/pogbackup_clojz.part19.rar.html
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