Dead Nation - PS3

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In the game Dead Nation for the PlayStation 3 comes to an end. Land flooded the hordes of hungry zombies that have resulted from fatal to humans of the epidemic. Your character - Jack Macready or Scarlett Blake - one of those who managed to survive this nightmare. And now his main goal - to break through the crowds of undead, which are rampant in the streets and find a cure for the dreaded virus. Character will come across not only with thousands of zombies, but with horrible mutants, in which people have become. The path is dangerous, but nobody promised jaunt. If you have the courage to confront hordes of the undead, play Dead Nation - the new blockbuster from the creators of super popular Super Stardust HD.

Genre: Shoot 'em up
Developer: Housemarque
Publisher: Sony
Platform: PS3
Language: Multi 6 and RUSSIAN (RUS)
Type of translation: No


http:// letitbit. net/download/41136.4b18ccdd654dded5e0bc2c9b3de0/MAL_DeadNationMultiRusPSN.rar.html

http:// vip-file. com/download/4472.4b18ccdd654dded5e0bc2c9b3de0/MAL_DeadNationMultiRusPSN.rar.html


http:// shareflare. net/download/4062.4b18ccdd654dded5e0bc2c9b3de0/MAL_DeadNationMultiRusPSN.rar.html


1) First, establish Dead_Nation.pkg
2) Then set the efc-dn.pkg (for 3.41 and 3.55 Waninkoko), for 3.55 Kmeaw and Geo need another version of a file which can be downloaded separately below.
3) Restart the console and you can play.

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