Disgea: 4 - PS3

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If you’re looking for radical (very deep) turn-based RPG, Disgaea series is the good one. We must long-awaited for Disagea 4. Because the game will released in North America on September 6th, but if you’re Japanese live in japan, you must be happy because the game has been released in February 2011. Popular Japanese game magazine Famitsu reviewed Disgaea 4 and gave it one 9 and three 8s (each game gets four reviewers). It’s sounds good, isn’t? Yeah you have to try it ASAP.

Disgaea 4 using of full turn-based strategy RPGs. Disgaea 4 has a very cute anime art style.

Like other turn-based strategy games, in Disagea 4, particulary on a grid-base battlefield, player can instruct command to character and so on. This game will complete after the player win with the same method.

Disgea 4 has a new graphic engine. It means you can adjust to higher resolution so the game appearance will more dynamic and more clean than the predecessor. (but it seems they didn’t absorb the Playstation 3 graphic)

The story of Disgaea 4

The story of disgaea 4 start on vampire Valvatorez, a warden stationed at a prison in Hell. Valvatorez learns and see that the Corrupt government will dominate Hell (as a Disgaea maniac it’s nothing new here). I am really sad because the game looks like nothing new. So we I will cut this pathetic story with something good.

The good one is you can’t play the game so easy, because it’s so hardcore, What makes Disgaea so hardcore?

There are many mechanism can found here than other turn-based strategy games. i.e.:

You can pick up and throw characters or objects around a map.

Almost of levels will display colored environment created by substances or objects namely Geo Symbols, so character can get rewards or penalty while standing on it. Destroying Geo Symbols will create parallel effects you can wipes out enemies (or allies), remove all the colored spaces, and get huge bonuses and rewards.

gamers can create new characters and customize their party with a variousof human classes and monsters.

You can make some petition to your local government to strengthen and increase your weapons, characters and armor better.

Every item in the game has a detailed world in it, you have to dive into and level grind so you can gain some experience and legendary items.

this is just small gift from Disgaea 4 offers to you.

Sounds difficult right? What if I’m a noob? Don’t worries, in Disgaea 4 there are detailed tutorials can help beginners to adapt its various mechanism.

In additions, Disgaea 4 includes a map editor, you can create your own map and you’ll be able to share your creations over the PlayStation Network.

Tactics Ogre, Final Fantasy Tactics and more Advance Wars in turn-based strategy games are similar with Disgaea 4.

It sounds bad for other fans that use other platforms like Xbox 360 for example, because Disgaea 4 will exclusively release in PlayStation 3 only.

Published by: NIS|Developed by: NIS|Genre: Strategy RPG|Release Date:US: September 6, 2011 ,Japan: February 2011 |MSRP: $59.99|RP for Rating Pending|Also known as: Disgaea 4

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