Dragon Age: 2 - Xbox 360

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Dragon Age 2 - Meet the epic continuation of the best games of 2009 from the creators of Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 2. You - one of the few who managed to survive after your house was destroyed. Now you must fight for survival. You have to gather around him the most dangerous allies, to put together the wealth, to cover themselves with glory, and immortalize his name in history. This is a story about how the world changed forever. A story about your rise to power begins.


  • Think like a general, fight, like Spartan: whether you are a magician, thief or a warrior, a new dynamic combat mechanics let you feel yourself in the thick of battle.

  • Evolved from a ragged beggar in revered by all counsel of this land.
  • You will see a whole world, made a new visual style with incredible detail.

  • Waiting for you a brand new adventure that will stretch for a decade, and there will be the value of each decision-making.

  • Dive deeper into the world of Dragon Age 2. This game looks like a movie - and so fascinating that you just can not tear myself away.

  • 2 exclusive items of clothing:

  • Tenerez.
    The blade of the sword older. Old as the earliest blacksmiths who searched for a way to fight the nightmares of another world. He traveled to countless battles with the demon-possessed. Sometimes his heaving up during the victories. And sometimes he lay broken beside the dead host. But after every defeat he always takes, perekovyvali and strengthened. Tenerez passed through many hands. Now's your turn to charge the demons of the shadows pass through the veil into our world.
  • Improves with higher levels.
  • Additional damage to demons and undead.
  • Orlesiansky lion.
    At the height of the summer war, the entire Orley was embroiled in a fierce battle. During the war, there were dozens of pretenders to the throne of the Empire, most of whom left their mark only in the footnotes of scientists books. But everyone remembers the brave young lord Emil DESVRES, "Golden Prince". Although it is constantly outnumbered, he pulled all new victories, and became the climax of Seventh Battle of roses. Along with this shield, he broke the vanguard of his uncle, and won. He never knew the taste of defeat and met his end at dead of night, falling from the hand of a jealous lover.

  • Two cells for runes.
  • Bonus to health.
  • Increases experience.
  • Dragon.Age.2.XBOX360-DAMNATION


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