Dreams of a Geisha - PC

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Take a journey through the magical and wonderful world of Geisha. Help Ichisumi in this incredible adventure to reopen the temples of Geisha and restore a world of beauty and passion. Dive into this engaging Match 3 game with beautiful scenery and relaxing music. Overcome obstacles, collect puzzle pieces, and be prepared to solve challenging puzzles in Dreams of a Geisha!
*Fantastic gameplay
*Exciting action
*Restore a wonderful world!

Dreams of a Geisha [FINAL] | 62 MB

http://www.filefactory. com/file/ccc45ee/n/DreamsofaGeishav2. rar

http://www.uploadstation. com/file/KJAvX2e/DreamsofaGeishav2. rar

http://www.filesonic. com/file/1202845484/DreamsofaGeishav2. rar

http://www.fileserve. com/file/e6Pf9xS/DreamsofaGeishav2. rar

http://www.wupload. com/file/17031059/DreamsofaGeishav2. rar
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