Farmville Cheats and Tricks for Increasing levels

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First of all when you enter farmville you will have almost 6 patches of plowed field.Out of it 2 of them will be fully grown and and the other 2 will be grown only half and the other two are left unplanted. You have 200 coins and 5 dollars.As we all know adding coins to the game is more easy than adding farmville cash.The more you play your earnings will be more and more bigger will be your farm
For more earnings you should play aggressively if you are able to play more then the earnings can go high . Planting and harvesting frequently helps to increase levels and as the level increase you could be able to plant more and more with new types of plants.Farmville is good for casual and regular players .


Leveling up is an important aspect in farmville.Each and every level has it's own rewards.As you move through different level new seeds will be unlocked to plant.For taking seeds with a long time for harvesting you will get only less points .so go with plants which grow in 3-4 hours that will help to increase the coins For eg strawberries can be grown in 4 hours and if your are able to check the plant every 4 hours then you are able to gain 3-4 experience points every day.Adding decorations will also increase the experience points .The resale is not so worth that of the cost price so reselling items in farmville may not be profitable. Buildings are the more expensive and most rewarding items for gaining experience points in farmville.Reselling buildings may not be profitable.

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