Left 4 Dead: 2 Cheats

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Cheat Codes:
Demo version: Cheat mode:
Enter the Steam control panel then select the "My games" tab. Right Click the
"Left 4 Dead 2 Demo" option then select "Properties". Select "Set Launch options"
then enter -console and accept it. Start the game, and the console window should
now appear. Enter bind p toggleconsole as a console command. Click and close the
console window and start a single player game. Press "P" during game play to
display the console window, then enter sv_cheats 1 to enable cheat mode. If the
message "Can't use cheats now; please exit to main menu and start your own listen
server with "map mapname" so that you could enable cheats." appears, enable the
map c5m1_waterfront or map c5m2_park code. You will return to the main menu.
Enable either map code again, then enable the sv_cheats 1 code again. You can
now enter one of the following codes.

Effect Code
Toggle God mode for entire team - god [0 or 1]
Gain health - give health
Defibrillator - give defibrilator
Adrenaline - give adrenaline
First aid kit - give first_aid_kit
Pain Pills - give pain_pills
Commit suicide - kill
Quit game - quit
Toggle no clipping mode - noclip
Toggle Incendiary Ammo upgrade - upgrade_add incendiary_ammo
Toggle Explosive Ammo upgrade - upgrade_add explosive_ammo
Toggle Laser Sight upgrade - upgrade_add laser_sight
Grenade launcher - give weapon_grenade_launcher
Hunter claws - give melee
Combat rifle - give rifle_desert
AK-47 - give rifle_ak47
Sniper rifle - give sniper_military
Magnum - give pistol_magnum
Silenced SMG - give smg_silenced
Chrome shotgun - give shotgun_chrome
SPAS shotgun - give shotgun_spas
Nightstick - give tonfa
Boomer Bile - give vomitjar
Guitar - give electric_guitar
Frying pan - give frying_pan
Machete - give machete
Double pistol - give pistol
Pump shotgun - give pumpshotgun
Auto shotgun - give autoshotgun
SMG - give smg
M16 - give rifle
Sniper rifle - give hunting_rifle
Molotov cocktail - give molotov
Pipe bomb - give pipe_bomb
Propane tank - give propanetank
Gas can - give gascan
Oxygen tank - give oxygentank
Refill ammunition - give ammo
Spawn katana - give katana
Chainsaw - give chainsaw
Toggle unlimited ammunition - sv_infinite_ammo [0 or 1]
Spawn Spitter - z_spawn spitter
Spawn Jockey - z_spawn jockey
Spawn Charger - z_spawn charger
Spawn common zombie - z_spawn zombie
Spawn zombie mob - z_spawn mob
Spawn Boomer - z_spawn boomer
Spawn Hunter - z_spawn hunter
Spawn Witch - z_spawn witch
Spawn Smoker - z_spawn smoker
Spawn Tank - z_spawn tank
Commit suicide - explode
Set No Clipping mode speed - sv_noclipspeed [number] (default is "5")
Toggle crosshairs - crosshair [0 or 1]
Remove indicated character - kick [name]

Developers Console cheat codes:
Select "Options" at the main menu, then "Keyboard/Mouse". Enable the
"Allow Developers Console" option. Press ~ during game play to access the
console window. Enter one of the following cheats.

Effect Code
Set maximum range of Smoker's tongue attack - tongue_range [number]
Set amount of damage done to survivors - z_pounce_damage [number]
Set amount of time before a burning Witch dies from fire - z_witch_burn_time [number]
Change zombie health - z_health [number]
Change zombie speed - z_speed [number]
Toggle controllable Boss Infected on any map - director_no_human_zombies [0 or 1]
Toggle never ending panics - director_panic_forever [0 or 1]
Force panic event - director_force_panic
Full ammunition - give ammo
Spawn pistol - give pistol
Get ammo for primary weapon - impulse 101
Spawn automatic shotgun - give autoshotgun
Spawn first aid kit - give first_aid_kit
Spawn full health - give health
Spawn gas can - give gascan
Spawn hunting rifle - give hunting_rifle
Spawn Molotov cocktail - give molotov
Spawn oxygen tank - give oxygentank
Spawn pain pills - give_pain_pills
Spawn pipe bomb - give pipe_bomb
Spawn propane tank - give propanetank
Spawn MK 47 machine gun - give rifle
Spawn SMG - z_spawn weapon_SMG
Invincibility - god
Toggle receive damage but cannot die - buddha [0 or 1]
Bot teammates shoot nonstop - sb_openfire or open_fire
No mob rushes - director_no_mobs [0 or 1]
Disable third person view - firstperson
Remove all bots - Ent_Remove
Set damage for a Witch's attack does - z_witch_damage [number]
Third person view - thirdperson
Over the shoulder third person view - thirdpersonshoulder
Set maximum number of regular zombies - z_common_limit [number]
Set maximum health of tank - z_tank_health [number]
Toggle if bots can do friendly fire damage - sb_friendlyfire [0 or 1]
Disable all wanderers, mobs, specials, and Bosses - director_stop
Spawn a zombie - z_spawn zombie
Spawn active pipe bomb under you - boom
Spawn special Infected - z_spawn [Boss name]
Spawn a zombie horde - z_spawn mob
Spawn Boomer - z_spawn boomer
Spawn Hunter - z_spawn hunter
Spawn Smoker - z_spawn smoker
Spawn Tank - z_spawn tank
Toggle No Clipping mode - noclip
Toggle unlimited ammunition - sv_infinite_ammo [0 or 1]

Gong Show Achievement:
In part 4 of Dark Carnival, look for a strength-testing game in the first area after
exiting the safe room. Inject some adrenaline and nail the red button with a melee
weapon to get the Gong Show Achievement (be "stronger than Moustachio").
Note: Will summon infected!

Stache Whacker Achievement:
In part 4 of Dark Carnival, look for well-lit Whac-A-Mole-like arcade game near the
start. Activate the button on the front of it and attack the Moustachios that pop up
with a melee weapon. At a score of 46, the game will break -- you may need to continue
a few times. When it breaks, you'll get the Stache Wacker Achievement (be "faster than
Moustachio"). Also, the game will attract zombies.

Guardin' Gnome Achievement:
In part 2 of Dark Carnival you'll come across a well-lit shooting range with carnival
mascot Moustachio emblazoned on it. Also note the yard gnome in the box -- your prize
for getting 750 points. Get this high score by activating the game (via the red button)
and shooting everyone but the blue peanut (you'll lose points if you hit this target!).
Hit the yellow and green Moustachio target for extra points. The gnome (which you may
recognize from Half-Life 2 Episode 2) will be released if you get a high score and so
will scores of infected, so beware!. Carry the gnome all the way to the end of the
scenario (board the chopper) to unlock the Guardin' Gnome Achievement. You can drop
Gnome Chompsky and pick it back up. You can also drop it in a safe room and it will
be there after the break. Finally, you can use the gnome to repel zombies as you would
with a weapon.

Weapon Descriptions:
Check the gunshop in Dead Center (first episode, second map) for an accurate description
of every firearm in the game (except the grenade launcher).

Portal reference:
In the second level of "The Parish" chapter, when you get to the bar with the jukebox
inside, keep skipping through the songs. It will eventually play the song "I'm Still
Alive" from Portal.

Jump kills:
You can kill zombies by jumping on them. When on a high ledge (any high point where you
can jump over Infected) and there are infected below you, drop down on top of them and
they will die.

Easy "Crass Menagerie" achievement:
When in the saferoom, exit it then go back inside and close the door. Remain in front of
the door so that CPU players will not open it. Wait there. Soon, uncommon Infected will
spawn and come to the door for you to kill.

Easy The Quick And The Dead Achievement:
Adrenaline shots can be found on any level. Use an adrenaline shot then quickly revive a
teammate 10 times for this Achievement. You can do this in certain safehouses in single
player. Find a safehouse, like the first one in the Parish at the end of Act 1, and shoot
your teammates until they are incapacitated. Use a shot, then quickly revive all three of
them. Grab another shot and repeat this process a few times to get the Achievement.

Dead Center: Level 2: Weapon descriptions:
Enter the gun shop to get a detailed description of all weapons, except for the grenade

Get on top of a sign:
Once you are off the boat head up the ramp and you'll see a barricade with barbed-wire at
the top. Jump up on top of that and you'll see a gib sign right behind you. Face away from
the sign looking down at the water, jump forward just a little bit and it will force you
to hang from the sign instead of the barricade over top of the water. Someone will help
you up and you will be on top of the sign.

Defeating Infected:
Use the following tactics to kill playable and special Infected.

-=Playable Infected=-
* Charger: Get close to it. This will prevent it from charging and it can only inflict
melee damage. This makes it easier for you to kill it with any weapon (melee and guns
* Jockey: Get into a huddle with your teammates and wait for the Jockey to present itself.
When you see it, all teammates can fire on the Jockey at the same time. Huddling together
will prevent it from launching at you.
* Smoker: Use similar strategy as the Charger. You must get directly in front of it before
disposing it. Smokers use their tongues to grab survivors from far distances but it cannot
do that when you are in its face.

-=Special Infected=-
* Hunter: When it is in its pouncing position, use a shotgun to nudge it away, then shoot
it in the face.
* Boomer: Aim for the stomach and stay as far back as possible.
* Spitter: Aim for the head and be ready to leap out of the way.
* Tank: Get to high ground and shoot it out. In co-op mode, use a grenade launcher for a
frontal assault while your teammates fire at its back with shotguns. An alternate method
is to deal no damage to the Tank, but instead hide somewhere and let the survivor A.I.
deal with it.

Getting Katana in L4D2:

Open console (you must have sv_cheats set to 1) and type in : give katana

Defeating Hunters or Jockeys:
Use the shove move on a Hunter while he is jumping at you to force him to stumble back,
therefore preventing him from landing on you. Doing this for the Jockey works as well.
However it does not work for a Charger who is running, a Witch, or Tank.

Gnome Chomsky:
In the second chapter of the Dark Carnival campaign you will find a shooting range. Play
this game until you score 750 points and you will receive Gnome Chomsky. Have one survivor
escape the rest of the campaign with him to unlock the Achievement.

Going for gold over a Wall:
Get 1 guy with a nade launcher to crouch down next to a wall with level ground on the other
side, and have another guy jump off something onto the head of the crouched nader. While
the jumper is in mid air fire the nade. time it right and the jumper will be sent flying
into the air, if controlled correctly the jumper can land just on the other side of a wall
and be defibbed. The jumper should then run to the far side of the map, and the rest of the
team can start the match. The jumper being so far away from the spawns should receive little
attention from hordes. Go for the Gold. Example location: Parish, bridge.....
On the Highway facing the Bridge there is a fence. Have 1 guy jump off from the green canopy.

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