Madden NFL 2005 Cheats

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Cheat Codes
Card Codes:
To enter the Card codes, select the "My Madden" option at the main menu.
Select the "Madden Cards" option, then select the "Madden Codes" to enter
the code.

Card Code
T.J. Duckett Gold Card - P67E1I

Special card unlocks:
In addition to the normal way to unlock a card, some cards require a
specific task to be completed.

Card 2: Earn a Gold in the All-Madden Chase and Tackle drill.
Card 30: Earn a Gold in the All-Madden Coffin Corner drill.
Card 38: Earn a Gold in the All-Madden Ground Attack drill.
Card 42: Earn a Gold in the All-Madden Precision Passing drill.
Card 52: Earn a Gold in the All-Madden Swat Ball drill.
Card 99: Earn a Gold in the All-Madden Trench Fight drill.
Card 104: Earn a Gold in the All-Madden Clutch Kicking drill.
Card 147: Earn a Gold in the All-Madden Pocket Presence drill.
Card 195: Earn a Gold in the Ground Attack drill.
Card 197: Earn a Gold in the Clutch Kicking drill.
Card 199: Earn a Gold in the Swat Ball drill.
Card 208: Earn a Gold in the Pocket Presence drill.
Card 209: Earn a Gold in the Trench Fight drill.
Card 210: Earn a Gold in the Precision Passing drill.
Card 211: Earn a Gold in the Coffin Corner drill.

Mini-Camp Skill Levels:
Complete a challenge in Mini-Camp to open that same skill challenge on the higher
difficulty setting.

Increased attendance:
Before playing a home game, enter the "Owner's" menu and set your "Advertising"
as high as possible. After you play your game, return to the "Owner's" menu and
set "Advertising" to zero, then simulate the rest of the games for that week.
You will not be charged for the advertising, but your attendance will be higher.
Do this before every home game to keep your attendance high without paying extra.

Easy yards:
Select a team, then go to the options and choose NYG-Tom Coughlin's playbook.
Make sure your running back has at least 92 speed. Go the "I twins" and choose
the "Off Tackle" play. It works all the time. Make sure there is no CB on the
empty side and do not run it on third and long. If the hole is stuffed, always
run directly at the tightend then spin and run toward and up the sideline. If
done correctly, the only person that can get you is the safety. Also you should
at least get a first down (depending on the level of play), if not a 20 or more
yard gain. You also can run it to the side of twins; just make sure that the LBs
and the line is shifted all the way to the right. If not, keep audibling the
original play. It does not do anything for you, but gets the defense to start
shifting around. Keep doing it until all of the LBs and the line shift all the
way to the right.

Cheerleader and Pump Up Crowd Cards:
Successfully complete the "Game Situation" challenges in mini-camp mode.
The Cheerleader or Pump Up Crowd Cards for the team used will be unlocked.

Faster player improvement:
Before playing under the All-Pro or All-Madden difficulty settings, play your
franchise under the Rookie or Pro levels so you can increase stats for your
players easily. This will give them more attribute upgrades throughout the
season. The more yards your receivers or running backs get, the more points
their ratings will increase.

Easy gains on run plays:
Enable the "Human Plow" Madden Card which increases your break tackles. Make
sure your running back has a good break tackle rating (for example,Jamal Lewis
or Stephen Davis). Also make sure it is a Gold card to make it effective
throughout the entire game.

Madden Cards and game cheats:
Get a gold rank in any event on the All Pro, Pro and Rookie levels in mini-camp

Announcement misspelling:
To have Al Michaels say Vinny Testeverde's name (Dallas Cowboys), you must
change Vinny's last name "Testaverde" (default) to "Testeverde".

Use your spin early when rushing to the left or right... this burns so many
defenders. Use your hit-stick when on defense at all times. This will increase
the rate of fumbles you cause, you'll injure more opponents, and you can kill
their stamina as well. Lead your receivers when you are quarterback and throw
into them... be careful not to make errant throws that can be easy picks for

Shifty jukes when running the ball:
To have a higher chance of breaking tackles when running, press the "Juke"
buttons according to which side you want to run to.

More effective running game:
First, make a tight end. His name, college, etc. is your choice. When you edit
his appearance, make him 6'8", and 275 to 300 lbs. Then, make him have a muscular
bulid in his body and arms. If you set his attributes ti above average or better
(overall between 84 to 99), when you run a play that involves running towards the
side the tight end is set, he will open holes and lanes that will enable you to
gain 6 to 7 yards a carry.

Tear up defenses:
On the All-Madden difficulty setting, use the Redskins playbook. Select the Was -
J.Gibbs playbook. In the game, run on first down then select the Shotgun Trips
formation on second down. If the Nickelback is not lined up with the second
receiver, he is coming to get you or he is playing flat zone. If so, put the
first receiver on a fly/streak route, and make the third receiver post to the
sideline. This will work all the time if you have an accurate passer.

Recommended players:
To get a good team in the future you must get good rookies.
Note: If you start them, they will get great very quickly.
Some such players are as follows.

Larry Fitzgerald WR
Eli Manning QB
Sean Taylor FS
Roy Williams WR
Keniche Udeze DE
Robert Gallery LT
DeAngelo Hall CB
Steven Jackson RB
Bob Sanders FS
Ben Roethlisbergr QB

Easy fumbles:
Use your [Hit-Stick] when on defense at all times. This will increase the rate
of fumbles you cause. You will injure more opponents, and can also kill your
opponent's stamina as well.

Easy yards:
Use the following trick to get easy yards on the passing game. Make sure you pick
a team with a good receiving tight end and at least one fast receiver. Also, make
sure you have the play "Posts" on the Singleback formation. This play is very
effective against any defense, and especially on a third and long play. Once you
snap the ball, wait until the tight end slants on the post route then throw him a
bullet pass. Almost all of the time he will complete the pass and get enough yards
for the first down. Also, if you see that the receiver on the right has a lot of
separation from the coverage, you can tap the button he is assigned to give him a
long lob pass, that if completed could be good for about a forty-fifty yard
completion, and he may also have enough separation to go for a touchdown. Most of
the time though, just throw it to the tight end. It takes a very long time for
the defenses to adjust, and you will be racking up points easily.

Getting good players:
In order to get a team that will last three to four years of dominance, must start
with a team with lots of long contracts in place (for example, the Lions). They
have four or six, six and seven year contracts on the good rookies. Trade for other
players with long contracts. The first person you need to trade is the tight end
that makes $12 million a year. Kellen Winslow from the Browns makes a good
replacement. Make sure to not build too good of a roster, as your players have
personalities and will get upset if they do not start, get the ball, etc. However,
a decent roll playing team with outstanding players at these positions will take
it every time. QB, HB, WR, or a second WR will not hurt. With DE/DT OLB/MLB CB
SS/FS, 80-85 on every other player is more than sufficient. Also, if you trade
these players from the rosters before your franchise, you can then edit them to
make them better. However, be careful not to go too high on all of them, as
they will all want more money and cause major backroom problems.

Getting good players:
Use the following trick to get high draft picks every year. Each year after pre-
season, simulate or play the games up until week 5. Check the standings to learn
who has the worst record so far. Then, initiate a trade with the worst team. Offer
the worst team your first round pick for their first and third round picks. They
will usually accept. If they do not, find another team that is bad and offer the
same deal to them. Once they accept, you can then usually offer both of your third
round picks to another bad team for their first round pick. Then after the season
is over, you will generally have two first round picks very high in the first round.
You will be without a third round pick, but it is well worth it for the two first
round picks.

Getting good players:
Create a very good quarterback. Make his speed and catching stats low. Release one
player and sign your created player. Trade your created player for whomever desired.
Then, go back to the create a player. Select the person you just traded. Make him
very fat and change his position to wide receiver. He will not catch a pass, and
if he does he will not run very far. Try to make the created players signing bonus
low so that it is not a waste of money.

Easy blocked punts:
It is possible to block a punt as long as it is against an opponent. Select "Punt
Block" if you are sure your opponent is going to punt the ball. Then, take the
cornerback on the weak side and get as close to the line of scrimmage as you can
without going over. Watch your opponent's meter, and as soon as you think he will
stop it, sprint across the line and just run directly into the punter. Do not try
a big hit unless you want a fumble because you might miss him.

Easy onside kick recovery:
Get the power rating between 65 and 80; and the accuracy between 40 and 80. You
should recover the kick about 90% of the time. For an even greater chance, try to
get the power between 70 and 75; and the accuracy between 70 and 75.

Easy blocked punts:
Select "Punt Block". The CPU will audible to bring in blockers. Take the fastest
man from left side and bring him to the right so that he is the last man on the
line of scrimmage. Just as the last man is about to be set on the CPU's team,
come from right off the line of scrimmage and avoid blockers by running straight
down then hit the punter. Note: You may want to try this at 4th and 6 or longer
so a 5 yard flag will not give them a first down.

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