Metal Gear Solid Cheats

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Cheat Codes:
Start the game with the command-line parameter, "mgsi.exe -cheatenable".
Then during gameplay, press any of the following:
Key Result
F2 - God Mode
F4 - Infinite Ammo
F5 - Normal View
F6 - Observe View
F7 - Fast Level Restart
F8,F9,F11,F12 - Texturing Modes Switching
[Backspace] + 7 - Spawn C4
[Backspace] + 6 - Spawn Claymore
[Backspace] + 2 - Spawn FAMAS
[Backspace] + 3 - Spawn Grenade
[Backspace] + 4 - Spawn Nikita
[Backspace] + 0 - Spawn PSG-1
[Backspace] + 1 - Spawn Socom
[Backspace] + 5 - Spawn Stinger
[Backspace] + 8 - Spawn Stun/Chaff Grenade

Silenced machine gun w/ unlimited ammo!:

Wwant one? Click new game in the skill section hold [Alt] [Ctrl] then start
it on very easy then look in the weapon inventory you will find a MP 5 SD
and have fun!!.

Thermal Glass tips:

The thermal glasses can be very useful... With them you can: See mines when
radar is not working, see lasers, and you can also see physcho mantis when
he dissapears!

Technical Demonstration Mode:
Successfully complete the modes in this order:
"Training," "Time Trial," "Gun Shooting," and "Survival."

Infinite Ammo:
Beat the game without submitting to Ocelot when being tortured to save Meryl.
There should be a new saved game. Load it and you will start out with a bandana.
Wear it and you will get infinite ammo.

Beat the game with submitting to Ocelot when being tortured to get Meryl killed.
There should be a new saved game. Load it and you will start out with a sleath
camouflage. Wear it and you will get infinite ammo.

New Textures:
Successfully complete the game two times and get both the bandana and stealth
camouflage. At the third time of playing, reach up to the area where you fight
Ninja without using the bandana or stealth camouflage. If done correctly, Ninja
will be wearing red instead of blue. There will now be new textures for Snake
and Ninja and new bonus music during the ending Alternate costumes:

Successfully complete the game, wait until the credits end, and save the game.
Load the saved game file and play through the game again. After successfully
completing the game a second time, wait until the credits end, and save the
game. Load the saved game and play through the game again. Snake will change
into a tuxedo in the elevator during this game.

Alternate ending and music:
Successfully complete the game with the Tuxedo costume.

Stealth gear:
Successfully complete the game under the easy difficulty level after submitting
during the torture. Otacon will give your character the stealth gear after being
saved. Allow the credits to complete, then save the game. Load the saved game to
begin with the stealth gear.

Successfully complete the game without submitting to the torture. Your character
will save Meryl and receive the Bandana. When equipped, the bandana will allow
unlimited ammunition on any weapon.

Stealth gear and Bandana:
Use the following steps to get both the Stealth Gear and Bandana. When you
complete the game by not submitting to the torture, you will only get the
bandana. Simply submit to the torture to get both items.

Reach area B2 of the tank hanger. At the end of the hallway to the right of
the door where you fight revolver is a secret room that is entered after using
C4 explosive. In the room are card 4 and card 6 doors. The camera is in the
room behind the card 4 door. Use the camera to take pictures to see various
extras, such as the faces of the development team.

Red Grey Fox:
Get to Grey Fox while dressed in the tuxedo.

Pantless Meryl:
* When you find Meryl on patrol in the office, she runs to the women's bathroom.
Follow Meryl into the Women's bathroom and reach the last stall in under five
seconds. Meryl will be caught with her pants down during an FMV sequence.

* Look in the vent just before the DARPA chief (Decoy Octopus) to see Meryl doing
sit-ups. Leave the vent and re-enter and she will be doing one-armed pushups.
Repeat and she will be doing leg stretches on the wall. Repeat one more time
and she will be doing the leg stretches while pantless.

If you're hiding under a box, make sure that it's the appropriate box for that
area; otherwise, you'll be discovered.

Snapping someone's neck doesn't make much noise.
Conserve ammo it can be a rarity.
Be patient. People move in patrols and cameras move in sweeps. There's always
a gap when no one's watching.


This cheat is to run Metal Gear in window mode. Simply put "-window" at command
prompt. This works for both MGSI.exe & MGSVR.exe

Actually I used this cheat because I couldn't use the Database while running
the game. When it ran in window mode I could play the game and also refer to
the cheats when I needed to!

Codec Frequencies:

Name Frequency

CAMPBELL - 140.85
MASTER - 141.80
NASTASHA - 141.52
OTACON - 141.12
MEI LING - 140.96
MERLY - 140.15
STAFF - 140.07

Alternate Cheat Method:
Create a file in notepad called "mgs.bat" all the file should contain is (assuming
you used default install):

mgsi.exe -cheatenable

Save the file and run the game from that file. when in game press:

F2 - god mode
F6 - observe mode
F5 - normal view mode
F7 - Quick level restart

When you have to find the Darpa chief, you crawl through a vent shaft and on the
way you can look down through a vent cover and see a woman. if you go out of the
vent and come back in three times looking in at her each time on the third or
fourth time you will see her with no pants on.

Special missions:
Level 1: Look for the biggest guard with a red mark on his head.
Level 2: The guard who has a sock on his head.
Level 3: The guard who has no breath coming out.
Level 4: The guard who cannot make it to his post without walking into something.
Level 5: Turn right, then up into the open space. Go to the far left one and turn
left. You should end up by the goal. When he gets there, PPK combo him and
drag him to the goal.
Level 7: Follow the footprints by crawling over them.
Level 8:: His heart-beat is louder

View censored parts:
To see what the blurred blocks actually are on the soldier that Meryl knocked out
and the blur that is on the soldier going to the bathroom, just get as close to
the blur as possible. Then use the scope and zoom in as far as possible.

Destroy the crane:
While in the blast furnace, use the Stinger missiles (or another explosive weapon)
and aim at the moving crane. Shoot once, and it will break the crane and make it
stop. Shoot one more time and the crane will completely fall off and end up in the
lava. This will make it easier when going across the ledge

Faster and easier game:
When you first find Meryl and she runs into the elevator, do not chase after her.
Instead, run into the door to the left of the elevator. You will only have to fight
Raven in the cold room next to the furnace room and Sniper Wolf in the cleared snowy
area. When in the first area, walk over to the sleeping guard. Flip him and crawl
into the vent. You will see rats in the vent. Chase them and they will lead you
directly to area 2.

Naomi Cambell reference:
Ever notice that Naomi and Cambell are on the same frequency? Together, their names
form that of Naomi Cambell, the runway model.

PlayStation reference:
* Approach one of the lab tables after defeating the Cyber Ninja inside the Otacon's
lab, and the FMV sequence. A PlayStation and controller may be found near the
televisions and computers.

* Look on the middle desk in Dr. Emmerich's lab to find a gold Playstation.

Urinating wolves:
* Go to the cave after defeating Psycho Mantis. Catch up with Meryl near the entrance
to Sniper Wolf. Walk up to Meryl, slap her, then quickly jump into a cardboard box.
Meryl will command the wolves to attack but instead they will walk over and urinate
on the cardboard box that your character is in.

* Use the following trick to avoid getting bitten by the wolf in the cave. Follow
Meryl, and if you already found her, try to hit her with a gun. Before she tries
to hit you, use a box. A small dog will smell you and urinate on the box. When this
happens you have succeeded the task of going in and out of the cave and will save
you from the wolf. You will already be familiar to them.

Defeating Gray Fox:
An alternate way to fight Cyborg Ninja without him disappearing, is to equip the Bandanna
and throw Chaff Grenades all the time. When the grenade explodes he will be helpless and
you will be able to hit him, without him jumping away. Keep throwing Chaff Grenades and
hitting him to defeat him.

Defeating Metal Gear-Rex:
* Go under Rex, he will not see you; if he does he going to attack you. Throw a chaff
grenade anywhere. It is still going to stun for a few seconds. Stand behind Rex and
fire a Stinger missile at the radar dome. Keep repeating this until the radar dome
is destroyed. After the FMV sequence, keep firing stinger missiles at the cockpit
until he dies.

* You do not need a lock-on to defeat Metal Gear Rex. Just aim the Stinger at the radar
dome (part 1), or the cockpit (part 2), and fire. This works especially well in part
2 by running between his legs and firing at the underside of the cockpit.

Box tricks:
Go into your box when you know an enemy is coming without letting him see you do this
or move while in the box. Some guards say, "Ah, Mr. Box" and will leave. Others will
say, "Ah, Mr. Box" and will sit there for awhile before yelling "Get out of the way!"
and kicking the box off of you.

Extra rations:
When the game begins, Snake has to go under something to get to the elevator. Do not
do this. Instead, go down the stairs, back into the water. There will be a platform
with a crate. There is a ration behind the crate.

Extra rations:
Before the second battle against Sniper Wolf, over the right side of the wall is a
ration. Then go out to the blizzard. When the battle begins there will be another
ration at that same location.

Finding Liquid Snake after the Hind fight:
Go up to the right wall in the snowfield. Do not let Wolf see you, and press against
the wall. Snake will notice a parachute and then receive some calls. Call Master
Miller - it's funny because he is Liquid.

Sick guard:
When being held prisoner, continue to watch the patrolling guard. After a short time,
he will bolt for the bathroom and an FMV sequence will start. After it ends, lay down
and crawl under the bed. The guard will not be able to see you, and will enter the cell
thinking you escaped. Crawl out (you might get shot once in doing this), use the ketchup
to heal, and choke out the guard. You are now free and will find your equipment nearby,
Note: Reveler Ocelot planned on you escaping, and put a bomb in your equipment. Search
through your things, find it, and throw it away.

After your first meet with Vamp, Plisken will sit on the steps. Go out of the room
and call him on Codec. He will start dreaming and say "Liquid". Do this at least ten
times. When you keep calling him, he will say "Meryl".

Kill less guards:
After the DARPA chief dies, Meryl will open the cell door. After the FMV sequence
three will appear guards. Shoot them. Then, Snake will tell Meryl to shoot. She will
kill the next set of guards. Just keep running around and Meryl will kill all the
guards. This is helpful if you want to get a higher ranking at the end of the game.

Early SOCOM:
After you crawl through the vent and enter the tank room, go past the elevator. Go up
the stairs, take a left, and follow it all the way until you reach a door. Go through
it and you will find a SOCOM in that room.

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