Split / Second: Velocity - PSP

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REL Date: 13/10/10
Platform: PSP
Game Type: Racing
Region: USA
Release Type: Full DVD
Image Format: ISO
Language: English

Split / Second: Velocity - To Give rushing race, but most people are hungry for bread and circuses. A new TV show is ready to satisfy all desires. Cameras installed on city streets, and after each race ratings soaring. And if it needs to destroy all the buildings, parking lots, and the participants themselves - so be it! Everything around is destroyed, threatening to forever bury the pilots under the rubble of bricks and cement blocks. Aggressive driving habits - the only chance to survive and become a true champion.

Game creators worked great Pure - one of the best races last year, has won numerous prestigious awards. In the new project with stunning realism and incredible speed. But the main highlight - a possible reversal track as behind and in front of him, creating obstacles for racing at full speed competition. Blow up bridges, destroy buildings, cut off the path, opening a new fork and the lanes - in these streets all good! And if a computer is no longer able to offer resistance, find worthy opponents online or arrange a joint race with a friend on one computer.








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