Angry Birds Cheats, Tips and Tricks

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Q How to unlock part 2 (mighty hoax)on angry birds chrome?
A You must go back and earn all of the stars on each of the first 63 levels. Then, they open up. Good luck and have fun.

Q How do I win level 20 on the first part?
A Start from under, and fire 2 birds, than you win!

Q How to unlock golden eggs?
A To unlock and so making all the Golden Eggs available, you will have to complete
Each Golden Egg level. You can do it by selecting the Angry Birds Golden Eggs
Menu, choose a golden egg level and finish it.
Golden Egg #1 Can be found in the Credits menu. Tab the settings icon, and
Then select the I help icon. Scroll down until you find the Golden Egg at the
End of the credits. Tap it.
Golden Egg #2 Can be found by tapping the Sun picture, located at the levels
Golden Egg #3 Select any level and press Pause (II buton), then tap on the
Question mark (?), and just click through the tutorial until you see a Golden
Egg, being dropped by a white bird. Tap the Golden Egg to recover it.
Golden Egg #4 Achieve the maximum stars level (3 stars) that is available for
The 1, 2 and 3 Themes. Another thing that you can try, is to beat all the previous
High scores that you have achieved for all themes.
Golden Egg #5 Achieve the maximum star level for the Themes 4 and 5.
Another way is to beat your previous high scores in those levels.
Golden Egg #6 Go to level 1-8 and tap the treasure chest.
Golden Egg #7 Go to level 2-2 and smash the Beachball.
Golden Egg #8 Go to level 4-7 and zoom out the map. In the top right hand corner
Of the map, you will notice a small yellow bird standing on the cliff. Hit that
Bird, and that will give you the Golden Egg.
Golden Egg #9 Go to level 5-19 and zoom out the map. The golden egg is located
Outside of the screen, above the rocket. You should use a yellow or a white bird
To grab the golden egg.
Golden Egg #10 Go to level 6-14 and try to hit the yellow ballon, which is
Located under the tree-house. You will have to use the Green ?Boomerang? Bird to
Hit it. This will give you the golden egg.
Golden Egg #11 Go to theme 8 and slide it to the left, you will see the egg on
The right. Tap it.--And now you found all 11 golden eggs.

Q I have finished the first 3 levels of stage 1got 3 stars on all of them and got the golden egg. When I click on the egg all you get is pictures of the pig birds exc. Is that it or am I not doing something right??? I hope this makes sence.
A Every Golden egg you got is a challenge episode, if you just got the picture then you still don't got the real golden egg

Q How do I make the screen appear distant on my pc
A Use scroll wheel on your mouse and scroll out (rotate towards you) to zoom out and opp to zoom in

Q How to clear stage 2 in leve3?
A Its a simple one. Just use the bomb to be placed in b/w two frogs those are lying down left and the next is on down right... And the third one you can directly hit the wooden pieces.. It's complete

Q I cannot unlock part 6 of level3. Do any one have a cheat code of it?
A Launch the first bird high enough so you can aim for the wooden block. Click just after it begins to descend. You'll take out the block and the line of little birds.
Next hit the first cart just abov ethe 3 pillars. It should roll and fall on the second cart, taking out the big pig.
10k Bonus!

Q I have obtained all the golden eggs except for the treasure chest on level 1-8. Try as I might tapping on the chest doesn't work. Could you be more specific?
A Right click on it and type in 'open'.

How can I get the mighty eagle? Can someone make a hack?
A the ME is olny playable in the iphone version,
pc, ios, and others have to wait.
You can buy the mighty eagle in the appstore.

A There is no direct or accurate answers toward your questions since 1-25 greatly differ. Well here is a tip, if ever you encounter a structure-shaped obstacle, you gotta knock it down, by toppling it through even thrusts using your birds, or hit the bottom! That way you don't have to really hit the pigs one-by-one and waste attempts or valuable 10,000 points (if you really value points to getting 3 stars) and use the blocks or logs to fall down on them.

Q How do you unlock every thing
A You must go to credits wait till the end and then press on the golden egg. Then go to the main menu and you will see a sun there over as a background keep clicking on it and there would be this written thing called GOLDEN EGGS. After completing your treasure levels in stage 1 go to golden eggs and play the 2nd mission. That will unlock every bird and stage for you but REMEMBER it's TOUGH!!

Q I have angry birds on my pc windows 7. It's not a touch screen, I've tried over and over to use the hand to get the treasure chest egg how do I do it on the pc???
A Press and hold the left-mouse button on chest and write "open" while holding it. Hope I helped (don't write the "")

How To Unlock All Levels

Below is a short video with a tip on how to unlock all Angry Birds levels without completing the previous ones.

  1. Load Angry Birds game
  2. Put the world that you want to unlock to the center of your screen
  3. Hit the back button (or Home button on iPads)
  4. Launch the Angry Birds again and quickly tap the display as many times as possible
  5. Voila! All the levels are unlocked! This is more of a bug in the game than a cheat.

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