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All Things About Playing Angry Birds Online on Chrome and Firefox

Fans have been waiting to play Angry Birds online free for quite a long time already. Though there’s a flash online version of Angry Birds, it wasn’t released by Rovio, and it doesn’t update regularly of course. We have good news anyways, since the company behing Angry Birds decided to released the official Online Version, which can be played in both Chrome and Firefox. If you have Chrome, go here to install the game as an app through the Chrome Web Store.

If you didn’t know there’s also an official downloable Angry Birds version for MAC, Windows XP and Windows 7 users, the control and rather the same in the web version.

  • Have lots of fun with 70 levels available
  • Need bonus secret levels?, Rovio delivers then, There are 7 Chrome Dimension levels (unlocked by finding Chrome Logos instead of Golden Eggs)
  • We heard rumours about something called “Chrome Bombs”, maybe is the mighty eagle alternative version for the web?
  • Rovio will actually put the Mighty Eagle in the Chrome Store so you can purchase it, it’s not available yet though.
  • Depending on the desktop computer you are playing on, choose between SD and HD to improve performance if you need it (or just close every single program and tabs you have opened)

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