Hitman - Blood Money Cheats

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Hitman - Blood Money

Cheat Codes:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the
file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "hitmanbloodmoney.ini"
file in the game folder. Add the following line to the end of the file:

Press C during game play to display the cheat menu. Press [Up] or [Down]
to highlight a cheat option, then press [Enter] or [Left] or [Right] to
toggle that option. A "0" disables the cheat, while "1" enables it.

Show OSD : Toggle on screen display
Invisible Mode : Toggle invisibility
God Mode : Toggle God mode
Give Some : No effect
InfAmmo : Unlimited ammunition
Show enemy vision : No effect
GiveAll : No effect
InfClip : Unlimited ammunition in current clip
Test Cloth : Cycle through disguises in current level
Complete level : All objectives completed in current level
Time Multiplier : Speed up time; "10" is highest value
Teleport : Teleport through level's waypoints
Beam here : Teleport to pointer location.

This are not basically cheats but a few hints which will make your gameplay easy

Curtains down:
1) Do not roam here and there.There is no need to talk to the receptionist.on 2nd floor
there is a carpenter fixing a door.thats your entry to the backstage.grab some actor
clothes.good if you can hit the target there.there is a big door near the dressing room.
move up that.to the top.get one clean hit on the target.

2) there are 2 guards on the door holding the target. shoot their head from the corner of
the round stairs.go near the door.drop a mine.get away from that.blast the mine.your noise
ratings go up but you get your target.

Till death do us part:
1) take a sniper.go to the field and there is a room opposite,where a sick person comes to
take rest.take out your sniper.one clean shot on the groom.take the dress of the sick guest.
go to the grave yard.the grooms father comes there.suffocate him with fibre wire.mission
accomplised.0 noise.0 violence.
No need to ring the bell or kill the priest or bother anyone esle.

Save Agent Smith:
Do not enter the hosptal via themain door. on the back side of the hospital there is a
pipe.climb that.wait on the terace.wait there.a doctor comes to smoke.kill him.take his
dress.no one else comes there.you save your self from being getting recorded on cctv.

Newspaper headlines:
After completing a level, the newspaper information varies depending on how you did. If
you did poorly, the paper will say so in the paragraph. If you shoot very little and use
mostly hand to hand it will say that there is not enough information to make a ranked
description of you. High accuracy states you are a well trained marksman. Try doing the
level differently to see different headlines.

Requiem: Control ending:
Requiem is the last level. Allow the credits to play all the way through. 47's body will
be lowered underground. This level is playable. As the credits are playing, you can hear
47's heart beat and his health bar moving to the rhythm of his heart beat. As the credits
are playing, repeatedly press [Up] and W when Agent 47 is on the grave . This must be
done quickly. You will notice that his heart begins to beat faster and that his health
bar rises. When his health bar reaches full, he will rise up and you will have control
of him. The objective is to leave no witnesses -- kill everyone.

Hidden "Sushi Chef" rank:
In any level, use the knife to kill lots of people. Note: This was accomplished on the
You Better Watch Out... level with 88 people killed with a knife.

License plates:
Look at the license plates of cars on different levels. On "A New Life", the suburbs,
the license plate of all the cars reads BADBLOD (Bad Blood). On "A House Of Cards",
the casino, the license plate of the first limo reads "L1MONEY", or something similar.

There is one weapon that does not appear in the hideout. The Nailer (nail gun) can be
found during a mission. Either walk out with it or put it in your ICA box.

Hitman Contracts reference:
On a certain newspaper, there will be a Chinese restaurant menu. The four items are
actually people from Hitman Contracts. All these people were from the Lee Hong
Assignation level (except the Blue Lotus Triad).
1. Boiled Red Dragon Feet: The Red Dragon Triad
2. Blue Lotus Tea: The Blue Lotus Triad
3. Mei Ling: Mei Ling, kidnapped girl who gives you the combination to the safe.
4. Zun Soup: Zun, the fat bodyguard of Lee Hong

Refill empty pistol:
When you are out of ammo for your pistol, throw it at a frightened bystander or place
it near to him. Eventually he will pick the gun up and holster it. Knock him out or
kill him. Retrieve your gun. It will now have a complete clip.
Note: This was done on the Curtains Down level with the Silverballer.

Weapon locations:
A Vintage Year - Snub nosed, SAF SMG, TMP, and Shotgun
Curtains Down - MP5, SLP.40 pistol
Flatline - SLP.40 Pistol, TMP
A New Life - SLP.40 Pistol, Bull.480, Air rifle
The Murder Of Crows - Desert Eagle, SLP.40 Pistol, SLP.40S, MP9, SG552, KAZO TRG
You Better Watch Out - SLP.40 Pistol, TMP
Death On The Mississippi - Desert Eagle, Snub nosed, Bull.480, shotgun, FN: 2000
Til Death Do Us Part - Six Shooter, Shotgun, Elephant Rifle (displayed on the wall)
A House Of Cards - SLP.40 pistol, SLP.40 S, TMP
A Dance With The Devil - Desert Eagle, SLP.40 pistol, MP7, MP5, FN: 2000, Dragunov
Sniper (on the top floor where you check the computer;
it blends in with the desk)
Amendment XXV - Desert Eagle, SLP.40 Pistol, MP5, Custom 1911, M14
Requiem - SLP.40 pistol, MP7, Custom 1911

You Better Watch Out: Killing the younger target:
Use the following trick if you do not mind getting security after you, or if you are
able to do it without being spotted. While he is in the hot tub with his women, shoot
into the water. The bottom will fall out like glass with water rushing downward. It
drops anyone onto the Pier Floor into the water for an almost instant kill.
This includes yourself, so make sure to not be in the water when you do this. This
will check off that target as being killed as soon as he dissapears "down the drain".

Get police clothes:
As soon as the mission starts, you will see a guard shack. Run to the side door and
enter. The cop inside will tell you to leave. dDo so. Then, wait a moment and walk back
in. He will be walking the other way and will not see you. Quickly sedate or kill him.
Take his gun and clothes. Also, check the gun box next to the door for extra ammunition.

Kill target quickly with remote mine:
Get the donuts from the food truck. Inject them with poison or sedative and drop them
outside the "undercover" FBI truck. Wait for them to die or pass out. Change into the
FBI clothes, then run up to the front of the target's house. There is a window in front,
to the left of the main door. Look through it to see a small table with a cell phone.
Making sure nobody is looking. Place a mine directly on the window (select the mine,
enter first person view, then press [Fire] while aiming at the window). Run back to
the FBI truck and use the computer inside to call the target. When he walks over toward
the window to pick up the phone, detonate the mine. The explosion goes through the
window and takes out the target. If you do this quickly, it will not matter if an FBI
agent notices the mine and goes to investigate. He will also be caught in the blast.
Your tension meter will remain at yellow until you finish the level due to the
explosion. However, as long as you do not do anything really crazy you should be fine.
Use the lighter fluid/grill trick to get the necklace from the wife and you can get
through the mission in under ten minutes.

A New Life: Tranquilizer darts:
Across the road from Vinnie Sinistra's mansion is a makeshift vets surgery. When the
woman crouches down to trim the hedge, run into the garage. You can pick the lock
because you are too far away for the agents to see you. On the table in the room is
a packet of tranquilizer darts. Pick them up and leave. Do not worry if the woman
sees you leaving her garage because she loses interest as soon as you are off her
property. Run past the clown's car and you will see a woman tending to a garden
down the road. Sneak past her (although it does not make that much difference if
she sees you) and climb the ladder in her garden into the tree house. On the table
is an air rifle. 47 automaticaly puts the darts into the gun as soon as you pick it
up. From the tree house you have a perfect shot at the clown, pool cleaner, various
agents, and Vinny's wife as they wander around the garden. One shot is enough to
knock out any target. Note: If your shoot the agent and he takes out his gun, do
not panic or shoot him again. He will drop off in a matter of seconds.
Also use it on the dog.

A House Of Cards: Easy "Silent Assassin" rank:
You will not need any weapons, but can bring Silverballers to be safe. Go inside,
move directly to the front desk, and talk to the person. She will give you a key
card for room 701. Go upstairs to the elevators. There are two of them. Enter the
one on the left. Wait until the door shuts and climb to the top. Wait there for
your first target. He will enter alone. Wait for the elevator to start moving and
strangle him. Quickly jump down, grab the case he dropped, and jump back up before
the elevator reaches the top. Take his key card and wait for the elevator doors to
shut. Then, jump down, go to the seventh floor and move to the other elevator.
Have it go to the lobby then jump up on top before it reaches its destination.
Wait until your next target to arrive. Once you have killed him, jump down and get
off at the floor he was going to. Exit the elevator and take a right, then take
another right and you will see a balcony. Go out on the balcony. Make sure nobody
can see you and sedate the employee. Take his clothes and card. Dump him over the
side of the balcony. Go downstairs to the casino. Go into the men's room. Wait until
the guard is alone then sedate him. Take his clothes and gun. Pick the lock on the
other door and make sure nobody is in there. Stash the guard's body in the cooler.
Go to the eighth floor. Enter the room with all of the guards and go into the
bedroom. Drop all of your guns and call the number on the phone. Quickly go back
down into the bathroom where you killed the guard. Change clothes when nobody is
looking. Go to the lounge and someone will check you. Go to the door directly
ahead if the Sheikh has not come out yet. If he has, go back and do it all over
again. If not, go through the door and go up the stairs. Make sure he is at least
up the first set of stairs before you kill him. Once he is dead, go back to the
elevator where you killed your first victim and get the briefcase.
Leave and you should earn the "Silent Assassin" rank.

Faster Fiber Wire Kills:
Equip the fiber wire and headbutt someone - while they are holding their head run
behind them with the fiber wire and tap the R button. They die much more quickly
and it counts as a fiber wire kill.

Redneck Wedding:
On one point, when playing the level ''Till Death Do Us Part'', you get the message
that the priest is requesting to sound the weddingsbells. If you go to the backyard,
you see everybody walking to the same place. Here the priest will marry the bride
and groom. If you wait for them to finish everybody will shoot in the air while
screaming ''yiiihaaa''. Now get your guns out and shoot in the air aswell. You can
use the bigest gun you have, heck use the sniper rifle! Nobody will find it strange,
just another redneck wedding.

Extended Life Period:
When you're dying and the screen is going red and slow and you are around a group
of people, get at least three or more headshots in a row and you will keep on going
as if you never died. But be careful, almost any weapon from here is a one shot kill.

When you see the credits (when agent 47 is die), is not the real ending. Shake the
left analog button (in PS2/X-BOX 360) or press W (in PC). After hitman wake up, you
must kill all of the witnesses and 9 bodyguard with headshots.

Requiem- Safe Spot:
As soon as you wake up, run to the south end of the church. You will see two sheds,
run to the farthest shed from you. Enter it. After a minute or two, guards will come
but will not attack you. After some seconds they will go back. In this process, open
the door and kill a or two guards then quickly run back into the shed and close the
door. Guards will come again but will not enter the room. They will go back again.
Again open the door and BANG! BANG! Again go back into the shed for protection.
NOTE: Keep checking the maps for incoming guards. If guards are coming don't go
outside. Keep doing this until all the guards are dead who are coming to you. After
that, come outside and kill other witnesses who are in the mission.

Hints about last 3 missions:
Certainly I am not one of the best walkthrough writers. But when I referred to Cheat-books
I saw for Hit-man: Blood Money there is no update for the last 3 missions. So I am writing
a guide. Please forgive any grammatical errors as I am an Asian, moreover this is the 1st
time I am writing a walkthrough. The guy who wrote about the other missions is certainly
one of the best writers of game walkthroughs. I would be happy if my work is of some help
to others. You may use this guide anywhere but you need to always use the authors name.

-=A dance with the devil=-
Bring your upgraded sniper with silencer and look for the car entering the garage, run for
it and wait till the guard in the room turns around, remain sitting while the another guard
goes away near the car. Now run for the car avoiding the camera by clinging to the wall and
crouch (stealth mode ), wait let him go away, still wait as you shall see another guard coming
here when he goes back run down the staircase avoiding everyone and go to the door with camera
overhead cling to the wall and avoid camera (use this technique to avoid most cameras, though
does not work for some cameras, in that case use some other way).Picklock it and go down,
leave the sniper-case here. Wait till you get a chance to sedate the guard in the projector
room, swap clothes and dispose his body inside the box (you need to wait for the right time,
first learn the routes used by the guards here)
Then go the place where Vaana Ketlyn performs there you can rig the pyre-show leading to her
death. Quickly go for the elevators and move for garage, while doing this climb the hatch wait
there, if you see still the target( Anthony Martinez ) is at the top floor use the connector
to go to the hatch of another lift and move for top floor. If timing is right now you shall
see the target gets into the lift strangle him from the hatch. Swap CIA agent suit.
Go to restricted area and check the laptop on top floor, go near to Eve after her performance,
she will lead you into this very room where you checked the laptop but be careful let her go
inside and you wait outside the room. Now when the guards are away open the door, throw a coin
inside the room to distract her. Strangle her. Drag her and drop her body at a safe corner.
Now go down. Use previous technique to change lifts and go to basement, collect your sniper-
case from where you left it. Meet John.
He will take you to a soundproof room. As soon as cut-scene is over and door is closed take out
your sniper, crouch, move towards the sofa now search for best position from where you can snipe .
Try avoiding his gunshots, though few of his shots will be ok for 47 (you shall still be getting
SA rank, but for more safety you may bring bulletproof vest, though I have not tried it), kill
him with a head shot take storage-key and use elevator to go to garage and escape using exit point
(you may also change back to your clothes ,then you have to follow the staircase route and have
to be more stealthy ). And you will score Silent Assassin. Is it not easy enough???

-=Amendment XXV=-
Bring your upgraded silenced sniper along with special non-detectable sniper-case. You can buy
it from upgraded misc. items. Now run for the entrance, keep the case where you are asked to.
Dont worry. Take your sniper-case and move to the toilet which is frequently visited by a museum
staff( may be he suffers from diabetes) sedate him, swap clothes, drop his body to a corner such
that when you open the door no one can see the body, use the door to left and keep on moving till
you find a dark passage, use staircase, to go to the terrace, climb the ladder, wait for perfect
time when both the carpenters are away, run to the room with (!) mark and change to spare
carpenters suit, move down the stair-case dont carry any guns, wait for vice president, Daniel
Morris, ( see to his routes carefully) you can easily strangle him. Try avoiding any worker, the
dog while killing him. Probably the best time is just after he meets the first lady as the dog
stops following him, and you can kill him in the room between their meeting room and his office
and dispose his body in the box. Go upstairs where you changed for carpenters suit. Use the window
climb down the ladder move to the other terrace, leave the sniper-case here at the* spot and go
down using (+) marked spot ,sedate the guard, swap clothes, drop his body behind the bushes use
the keycard to access the door, meet Mark Parchezzi III at oval office, dont worry about being
recorded by cameras ( you can steal the tape quite easily, it is in the room just beside the
toilet where you sedated a museum staff )after cut-scene run for terrace to (*) marked spot, take
out sniper and from here( this corner) take a head shot to kill him. Swap clothes. Climb up the
ladder move stealth fully the way you came in to the other terrace avoiding carpenters and guards.
Using terrace you may move down to the room where the video tapes are kept. Steal it and climb
the net and go back to toilet, retrieve your own suit and escape. Easy enough for all real fans
of hit-man..

This is playable. Wait for some time till some guards move out. Then continuously go on pressing
move forward default W key .47 will regain health. Take cover near the table and kill everyone
including innocents who have gone out. It is very easy to score Silent Assassin if you are good
at aiming. Go for headshots. Dont waste bullets as this increases reloading time which may prove

Kane And Lynch: Dead Men reference:
On the newspaper after the first level you will see a side-story titled "Cold-Blooded Killers
on the Run". The story states that two death row inmates escape custody during a prison transport.
It also states the inmate's names as Adam Marcus (Kane) and Mr. Little (Lynch). Even though the
names are not the same in this reference, it describes Kane and Lynch perfectly, as Adam being a
former mercenary and working for The7, and Mr. Little being unstable and heavily medicated.

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