Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 DEMO

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Source: WEB
Size: 1.24GB
Genre: Soccer
Published by: Konami
Developed by: Konami

Release Description
Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 is next version of very popular football simulator produced by Konami. Konami studio’s game attracts a lot of gamers in front of their monitors. Last version of the game is available on six platforms. Except for PC, we can become Messi or Ronaldo on PS2 and PS3, Xbox360, PSP and Nintendo Wii too. However creators didn’t rest on their laurels and they have announced PES 2011 3D on news console – Nintendo 3DS. New PES will appear on 25th of March. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 has brought revolutionary change in pass system. Changes allow us to pass ball exactly where we want. We are able to determine power of the pass too. Konami has given us more tactic options. For example we can decide now where our team should defend or when our footballers have to attack. So we are looking forward to Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 ! See the trailer of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012


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