Team Fortress: 2

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Team Fortress 2 v. (2007/RUS/ENG)
Year: 2007 | PC Game | Developer: Valve Software | Publisher: Valve Software | 5.96 Gb
Genre: Action (Shooter), 1st Person

On the game:
Team Fortress 2 - Computer-based shooter based on the engine Source, developed by U.S. company Valve. This game is a continuation of the series Team FortressInitiated by the game Team Fortress (Mod for Quake 1) Team Fortress Classic (Mod for Half-Life 1). Different 'styled American comics 50-60 years "graphics and dynamic gameplay with some, frankly, a comedic element. More recently the game has its own story.

- The achievement system - achievements made by the player are given for actions that are specified in the special list. Feature of the PC-version of the game are the class achievements that give access to special weapons.
- Excellence - when one player kills another player four times in a row without dying from the dead, he gets the advantage (English Domination) and becomes the villain (English Nemesis), and killed the victim. In the list of recent murders message "foo player gaining advantage over a player bar-. If the victim kills his villain superiority is removed, and the list of murders entry "The player enjoys revenge over the bar foo-. Getting superiority gives 2 points.
- Critical damage - each player has a small chance that one of his shots or blows to become critical. In this case, the shot does about three times more damage and is accompanied by a characteristic sound, head over to the victim there is a green label -Critical Hit!- Icon and weapons, which the victim was killed, highlighted in red. If a critical hit is made of a primary or secondary weapon, it is accompanied by sparks and glowing shell. Automatic weapons such as machine gun and a flamethrower have a short period during which the attack is critical.
- Taunts - every class can use ridicule (English Taunts) - special animation of your character during the execution of which changes the camera view from the first person to third. Type of ridicule and depends on the class of weapons a player. Most of them have no meaning, but some are able to instantly kill enemies. During Halloween (October 29 - November 2, 2009) the usual jeers were replaced by the movement of the clip of Michael Jackson's -Thriller-.

System requirements:
v Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7
v Processor: 2 GHz Processor
v Memory: 512 MB RAM
v Hard disk: 11 Gb
v Video: DirectX 9 level graphics card

Installing the game:
1) Install Steam on instructions / about (if not already selected).
2) Run and register on Steam.
3) Login to your account, go to the folder where the backup is downloaded and run steambackup.exe.
4) Play.

http://www. wupload. com/file/79401491/Team_Fortress_2_v.
http://www. wupload. com/file/79402418/Team_Fortress_2_v.

http://www. wupload. com/file/79406159/Team_Fortress_2_v.

http://www. wupload. com/file/79402357/Team_Fortress_2_v. http://www. wupload. com/file/79406394/Team_Fortress_2_v. http://www. wupload. com/file/79402380/Team_Fortress_2_v. http://www. wupload. com/file/79402478/Team_Fortress_2_v.
http://www. wupload. com/file/79406480/Team_Fortress_2_v.
http://www. wupload. com/file/79402395/Team_Fortress_2_v. http://www. wupload. com/file/79406488/Team_Fortress_2_v.
http://www. wupload. com/file/79406490/Team_Fortress_2_v.

http://www. wupload. com/file/79406097/Team_Fortress_2_v.

http://www. wupload. com/file/79406507/Team_Fortress_2_v.

http://www. wupload. com/file/79407153/Team_Fortress_2_v.

http://www. filesonic. com/file/1603574871/Team_Fortress_2_v. http://www. filesonic. com/file/1603574541/Team_Fortress_2_v. http://www. filesonic. com/file/1603574961/Team_Fortress_2_v. http://www. filesonic. com/file/1603574771/Team_Fortress_2_v. http://www. filesonic. com/file/1603578661/Team_Fortress_2_v. http://www. filesonic. com/file/1603581951/Team_Fortress_2_v. http://www. filesonic. com/file/1603579121/Team_Fortress_2_v. http://www. filesonic. com/file/1603578931/Team_Fortress_2_v. http://www. filesonic. com/file/1603578871/Team_Fortress_2_v. http://www. filesonic. com/file/1603582541/Team_Fortress_2_v. http://www. filesonic. com/file/1603582271/Team_Fortress_2_v. http://www. filesonic. com/file/1603582511/Team_Fortress_2_v. http://www. filesonic. com/file/1603585461/Team_Fortress_2_v. http://www. filesonic. com/file/1603582621/Team_Fortress_2_v.
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