Trilogy Hidden And Dangerous

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Trilogy Hidden and Dangerous (2002-2004/RUS/ENG/RePack by _007_)
Year: 2002-2004 | PC Game | Developer: Illusion Softworks | Publisher: Take-Two Interactive / Gathering / Global Star Software | 2.58 GB
Genre: Action (Shooter) / Strategy (Real-time / Tactical) / 3D / 1st Person / 3rd Person

Hidden and Dangerous Deluxe - is a remake of the famous tactical 3D-shooter Talonsoft and Illusion Softworks. New version contains the original Hidden and Dangerous and the addition of Fight for Freedom, adapted for the use of DirectX 8.1 and compatible with Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Deluxe-version also contains a revised graphics engine Insanity3D, allowing to exploit the full capabilities of modern graphics cards. In addition, the "refiners" have fixed many bugs the original version, as well as added support for voice chat, multiplayer service GameSpy, dynamic shadows and some other minor improvements.
* Tactical combat simulator World War II;
* Unsurpassed combination of elements of action and tactics;
* Accurately recreate the atmosphere of World War II;
* The variety of missions;
* Improved physical model;
* Exact prototype weapons and equipment;
* A variety of weather conditions;

Hidden & Dangerous 2 The court in 1941. Your commando of four men was ordered to deploy covert operations behind enemy lines. Between you and a home - hundreds of kilometers of minefields, trenches, towns and maimed by bombs grid of dusty roads, and an insidious enemy in the meantime do not waste time, gradually tightening the encirclement. Now it depends on you not only the fulfillment of the order of command, but the lives of his comrades ..

The incredible success of Hidden and Dangerous pushed developers to write the continuation of this famous game. New Hidden & Dangerous significantly different from its predecessor, especially much higher realism of what is happening and the overall quality graphic performance. All objects in the game is strictly in the spirit of the time and accurately model real prototype - this applies not only to weapons but also to the armor. Greatly expand the available arsenal of weapons: guns added Garota, M1 Garand and the Flak 38, the German motorcycle with sidecar, jeeps, trucks, armored cars, tanks and even airplanes. Increased significantly, "Park" light weapons - you can mow the enemy from dozens of rifles, rifles, submachine guns, machine guns, flamethrowers and even portable. Radically changed the physical model of the game, now with even greater precision copying real life conditions. The basis of most of the missions went to the real events, and we already know that they will be harder to perform than in the first Hidden & Dangerous.

Description of Hidden & Dangerous 2: Sabre Squadron - addition to the sensational action'u from the company Illusion Softworks. Players once again to take part in the battles of the Second World War and to visit in France, Africa and Sicily - you will be able to pass a new storyline campaign not only alone but also with real mates, using a network connection.

Extras. Information for Hidden & Dangerous 2
• tactical combat simulator World War II;
• Stunning graphics;
• A variety of missions;
• Support for multi-user mode;
• Advanced AI;
• "Emotional" behavior of the characters;
• Easy and intuitive operation;
• 6 theaters of war, more than 20 missions;
• Lots of special effects - shadow, reflection, fire, smoke, etc.;
• Accurate prototype weapons and equipment;
• A variety of weather conditions;
Hidden & Dangerous 2: Sabre Squadron
• A new story campaign
• 8 cards for the game on the network
• Ability to control the tanks and jeeps
• Improved artificial intelligence opponents

System requirements:
OS: Windows 2000/XP;
Processor with frequent 2 GHz;
RAM: 512 MB;
Video card with 128 MB of video memory;
Sound card compatible with DirectX
3.2 GB free hard disk space.

Features RePack
• Do not cut.
• Do not recoded.
• Author RePack'a (s) _007_


http://www. wupload. com/file/74160249/HD_Antology.part1.rar
http://www. wupload. com/file/74160517/HD_Antology.part2.rar

http://www. wupload. com/file/74160301/HD_Antology.part3.rar

http://www. wupload. com/file/74160088/HD_Antology.part4.rar

http://www. wupload. com/file/74160761/HD_Antology.part5.rar

http://www. wupload. com/file/74160316/HD_Antology.part6.rar

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http://www. filesonic. com/file/1577439984/HD_Antology.part1.rar
http://www. filesonic. com/file/1576719074/HD_Antology.part2.rar

http://www. filesonic. com/file/1576719014/HD_Antology.part3.rar

http://www. filesonic. com/file/1576719004/HD_Antology.part4.rar

http://www. filesonic. com/file/1576733104/HD_Antology.part5.rar

http://www. filesonic. com/file/1576696044/HD_Antology.part6.rar

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