Fruit Farm

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Fruit Farm (FINAL-Portable) | 64 MB
2011 | PC | ENG | Genre: Match 3 | Publisher: Square Enix | Developer: Honeyslug

Fruit Farm is a match 3 type game, very addictive and dynamic. It is designed in a cartoon style, with powerful colors and represented character that mentors the player throughout the game. It is appropriate for all ages, features simple keyboard or gamepad controls, and offers a very competitive challenge. Razz shared this game for all to play. Player gathers different fruit in a basket, where types of fruit must be matched in a line or a column. During each level, player can gather additional bonuses or special rewards that can help him advance to the next level. Time gradually speeds up, so your reflexes and quick thinking is crucial. Fruit Farm is a casual game that offers fun and challenge to all ages. It has over 50 levels and guarantees you'll play it for as long as necessary to enter the high score list and brag about it!

*Classic Match3 game with a twist
*50 levels of pure fun
*Goes great with beer and pizza!
*Collect bonuses like additional life, double reward, slow time

http://www.filesonic. in/file/2534251844
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