Fifa 13

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First of all let's hope Fifa 13 will overcome all technical snags of Fifa 12.Fifa 13 will be quiet difficult to deal with because of
unpredictability of football in the ground . The game of football can change any time.

Features of Fifa 13

  1. Improved Attacking intelligence
    Fifa 13 players will be well equiped with smarter moves and tricks .They try to create spaces and work hard on creating chances. Rivalry teams will have a cutthroat match.
  2. Improved Dribbling
    Dribbling efficiency of players will be improvised in the edition
3. Control
Players will have good control and the one touch football game is improved

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Some details about the release

Fifa 13 will release on September. The game will be available for all latest gadgets like

Game will have kine ct and play station move

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