Crysis 3 Aplha Version

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Crysis 3 is upcoming first person shooter video game published by Electronic Arts.The game is set to released on February 2013.Alpha version of the game was released to my crisis and origin users on 31 October 2012.Fileplay and other sites like are giving away Crysis 3 Alpha Multiplayer keys, hurry and grab one!.Register the Site and request the site for the code which is redeemable in orgin account. 


1. Secure your key via 

2. You would  need an Origin account and the Origin client in order to download and participate in the Alpha Trial. If you don't already have an Origin account,Click the link in the download sections

3. Once you have an account, download the client here

4. Launch the Origin client and Log In to your account. 

5. Select Redeem Product Code from the Origin menu. 

6. Enter your code in the Product Code field and click Next. 

7. Get gaming!


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