Ashes 2013 release

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Ashes 2013 is all set to release this summer.As we  all know that ashes 09 is one of the best cricket game ever released . Although ashes 2009 have many bugs it was world widely accepted due to its graphics,online gameplay.Features like online play was the varied features from other cricket games.As there is no news of EA Cricket this will be the most awaited cricket game of the year.Ashes 09 was released by Code masters but Ashes 2013 would be released by Trickster games.The release of the game would coincide with famous ASHES TOURNAMENT which is going to be held on England.

The publishers promise a thrilling experience.They also says this game would game an authentic cricket game experience.Ralph Pitt-Stanley comment that

 "2013 is another big year for International Cricket and it doesn't get much bigger than the Ashes Series,"

The game would be available on PC,XBOX,PS3.Lets pray that ashes 2013 would be free from bugs.If there are no bugs then the game would be suprisingily great .

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