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Red Dead Redemption is an Open world adventure game released by Rock star games.This game was created in Rock star studios and was published by Rock Star games.It was a 2010 game released on well known platforms like PS3,XBOX360.This game was not available on PC (Windows).

It was a successor of the game Red Dead Revolver.The story of the game takes place on 1911 , when the American Old West declines.The game revolve around John Marston, a former Outlaw he sets out to hunt down his former gang members.

John Marston's wife and childrens were taken as hostages by the government .As a ransom he was meant to hunt down his former gang members.When the game was released many downloadable contents were released.

This was the one of the best open world adventure game released.Many critics acclaimed this is as the best game of the year.This was rated 95/100 by many critic sites like Meta critic and  Game Rankings.It remains as the 8th best XBOX game of all time.

This game also attracted many media pages too .A short review on the game was released on a popular American media "THE NEWYORK TIMES".Ign rated this game 9.7 out of 10. Game spy gave 5/5 stars.

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