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Temple run is one of the best action game released on Android.This endless game was developed by Raleigh based Imangi Studios.The player takes the role of a explorer who is trying to steal an idol from the temple the player is being chased by demonic monkeys.While running the player gains coins which boosts up the points.

Some of the power ups are given below
  • Mega Coin (worth 150 coins)
  • Coin Magnet (multiplies coin value by 3)
  • Invisibility (lasts 30 seconds)
  • Boost (for 750 meters)
  • Some 2-point coins begin at 1000 meters
  • Some 3-point coins begin at 2000 meters

The main objective is to survive by getting most points and coins possible.Score of the player is determined by  their distance, plus five times the number of coins collected, plus 600 times the ordinal number of the total number of coins divisible by 100. e formula is ;s=m(d+5c+t); "s" being number of points; "m" number of objectives unlocked + 10; "d" being distance; "c" being number of coins; "t" being the coin multiplier of 600 times the whole number remaining of c


copy the link and paste it in the address bar to start download


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