Beginners Guide For Overclocking Gpu



                                 Yes,you can run almost all latest games on your old gpu or low profile gpu by doing some tweaks on gpu and cpu.I am reminding you this is not a magic to run latest games at ultra settings all the way.In order to make the latest game playable you need to overclock your gpu.


                               Some of you know what is overclocking and how to do overclocking and some of you guys don't know how to overclock.According to my knowledge Overclocking can be termed as process which is done on a computer component or computer itself  to make it operate faster than its inbuilt clock frequency.An important technique involved in overclocking is making the device to run at higher clock rate .Bit confused with high clock rate ? High clock rate means increased clock cycles per sec.Many parameters other than clock speed can be increased,some of such parameters are Operating voltages,Memory timings and cpu speed.
                               Since Overclocking is a tweak to increase the performance, there are some after effects.Overclocking techniques increases the power consumption and thereby increases the heat generated.If a hardware is overclocked too much,it  becomes unstable and may ultimately lead to the damage of the hardware.In order avoid this heat generated should be stabilised by proper cooling facilities.


                      Overclocking is the best way to increase the performance of your computer.But overclocking process is not so easy as you think,there are few steps which are to be followed during overclocking.First of all patience is an important factor required in this process.Overclocking process includes a big risk if it is not done properly There are many overclocking software's available over the internet.If you just download and scroll some of the tab to maximum ,then you are destroying your own graphic card/cpu.


1.Windows operated PC
2.Overclocking software -There are lot of overclocking softwares available .I recommend you guys to use EVGA precision X or MSI afterburner.I think they will work with almost all graphic cards.While downloading MSI afterburner you may also get another software known as MSI kombustor.These two softwares have different uses.Afterburner is used for tweaking your graphic card and Kombustor is used for finding the limit upto which the graphic card can be overclocked.
3.Video card stress test can be done either by using MSI Kombustor or Furmark.I recommend you to use MSI Kombustor if you are using afterburner for overclocking.


STEP 1. After installing the required softwares,Open the software, here i am explaining on the basis of EVGA Precision X software .You have five adjustable values which includes Core Clock,Memory Clock,Shader Clock,Fan speed and Frame rate target.Adjustable values may vary with respect to the device and software used.Now move gpu clock and memory clock slider by 5-10 Mhz and press apply button.We are continuing this step till the Stress test is showing problem.When stress test start showing issues then it is your overclocking limit.

STEP 2. Open Furmark and set your resolution to the maximum one , check full screen option and then hit the burn in button.You will see a large donut in the middle of the screen and a graph showing temperature of your gpu.Closely observe 
1.Closely watch the donut whether there are  black dots or black lines or snow in the donuts
2.Closely watch your card temperature and don't let it to increase beyond 90 degree,because 90 degree is the limit any further increases surely damages your card.Run this test for 10 to 15 minutes.

STEP 3. If there are no black lines or black dots or snow and the temperature stayed within the limits then repeat all the three steps for another increase of 5-10 ghz.Note down the safest value and overclock the card to this safest value and run the game.Proper cooling facility should be provided.

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