Call Of duty Ghosts

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Happy news for Call of duty lovers. Activision had officially announced the release of  "CALL OF DUTY GHOSTS".According to reliable sources game will be released on November 2013.One of the big surprise is that game developers aren't moving to any next gen with a new settings.

According to the reliable sources the game will be released on November 5 for PC,XBOX,PS3. Game will be released just after the release of Battlefield 4.Battlefield 4 is about to release on October 25.Battlefield released by Electronic arts will be tougher competitor for COD in the long run.COD is one of the best game released by Activision. Both Battlefield and COD are aiming for next generation gaming consoles especially PlayStation 4 and Xbox.

Retailers like Amazon and gamestop are currently accepting preorders for Call of Duty Ghosts.
“My guess is that Call of Duty: Ghosts sells within 10% of the last two versions (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops II),” said video game analyst Michael Pachter of Wed bush Securities.  Gamer's have to wait for another 6 to 7 months for the release.This year gonna make history with some great releases

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