Saints Row 4 Release Date

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Saints Row is an open world adventure type game whose fame was narrowed in the shadows of the famous Grand Theft Auto series(GTA).Saints Row 4 is the next installment in the Saints Row series.Bit difference between Gta and Saints Row series is GTA is quite realistic while Saints Row focuses more on fun.

Gamers around the world is now discussing about the release of GTA V.Developers of Saints row series are arising a fair bit of threat to GTA V.Dont know wether it will be Watch Dogs VS Gta v OR Gta V VS Saints row  .Saints Row 4 was confirmed much before the release of saints row third.According to me Saints row will be a great threat to gta v because GTA V is not releasing for PC.Rockstar have not yet confirmed PC version of the game.

Originally development of saints row was started during the year 2003.The first edition of the game was released on 2006.Saints Row first claimed critical acclaim and commercial success.From the success of the first edition saints row second was released on 2008.The third entry of the game was released on November 2011.Saints row have reached a record sales of 11 million copies all over the world during April 2011.Developers of Saints row series have released a new video demonstrating the new and wonderful elements of the saints row 4.This project is expected to be a great success.Saints row 4 is going to be released on August 20.

According to me Saints row third gave more fun than GTA 4.Since there will be no PC version of GTA  V it will cause a major setback to rockstar games compared to the earlier versions of the game.Saints row series is quite unrealistic compared to GTA series.

Watch dogs is another much anticipated game of the year.It will provide almost a great threat to GTA V.This year is gonna see a GTA  V VS WATCH DOGS .

Majority of gamers have guessed that Saints row won't be a threat to GTA V.Lets wait and see thats all i can say about it.

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