Ashes Cricket 2013 Screens and Release

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I think it's high time for talking about Cricket.When talking about cricket numbers speaks always.It's the second most viewed sport of all time.We cricket lovers had witnessed many cricket games,but they all missed one important thing AI.All cricket games up to date lacked good Artificial Intelligence.Almost all cricket games were similar in their game plays,Recently released Ashes 2009 was only cricket game which featured online game play and good graphics.But Ashes 2009 came up with many limitations,first of all it was lacking a good AI.Same as that of all cricket games,every ball can be hit all around the park for sixes.All cricket fans are eagerly waiting for a good cricket game from Trickstar games.Any way we can only wish for a good cricket game.Everything is in the hands of developers.

Forth coming Ashes cricket 2013 video game is an official game based on the upcoming Ashes series.Trick star developed game is planned to be released by 21 June 2013.Developers got exclusive team licence from Australian cricket board and English cricket board.Many of you guys wonder what's the need of a licence from cricket boards.Licence from ACB and ECB means the Australian and English players would look almost like the real life players and these two teams would have correct player names.Ashes cricket 2013 would be released for PC,XBOX 360,PS3,and Wii.

Other game modes will reflect all the nuances of the international game across its many formats whilst truly capturing the passion and excitement of live matches. National rivalries, venues and player personalities are perfectly captured in the most advanced simulation of the sport yet, as participants fight for the pride of their nation in either solo play or with up to three friends in local multiplayer matches or take on the world online.

Developers of the game released some screenshots of the upcoming cricket game.We here provide you the screens of the upcoming game.

First of all these screens looks crap.Screens shows that there is no big difference in the graphics from Ashes 2009.Look closely to the bat in the hands of Matt prior.Don't know why he is holding the bat like this.Is this a new method of defending?These are the screens taken from their official Facebook page.

Look this picture!Is it the same shot we often plays on Ashes 09 ?Yes it is the same shot,I think there is not much variation in shot selection from the earlier versions of the game.I even thinks they only inserted some new players.

I am praying for the improvement in the game play.If this game has a good game play then who cares about its graphics and all.Ashes Cricket 2013 features 20 stadiums.Developers also added there will be no create player option in the game.Only player editor is available.Any way hope for the best,I don't want trickstar to provide the same formula again and again.


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