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Hi friends it's been a while i had posted something on this blog.Don't worry today am before you to talk something about strategy games.In this post  i will showcase Top 10 Strategy Games For PC.Strategy games are entirely different from other genre games.Strategy games are always time consuming and it provides a great gaming experience.When am thinking about strategy games the first game which comes to my mind is chess. Of course chess is a strategy type game,almost all strategy games requires free style thinking,decision making and should have situational awareness.Today i will tell you top 10 strategy games for PC.If you are not playing strategy games then you should immediately start playing it because it's fun when it comes to multiplayer strategy games.

#1 Age Of Empires

Age of Empires  -- When it comes to strategy games the first game which comes to my mind is Age of Empires.Age Of Empires typically known as AOE was developed by Ensemble studios and released by the web giant Microsoft.I would like to keep AOE  on the top of best strategy games because of it's great gameplay and story line.First game in this series was released on 1997.From 1997 to 2013 7 AOE titles and 3 spinoff's were released.Age Of Empires was listed under the Top Real Time Strategy(RTS) games of all time.Age of Empires series was a huge commercial success and it gained a good reputation for Ensemble studios on the field of RTS games. Age of Empires provides a great multiplayer gaming experience.Each player can compete with 7 other players through a Local Area Network.Latest version of Age of empires game is named as Age Of Empires II HD Version.Later version Age Of Empires : The Age Of Kings was released way back on 2001.Latest game on AOE series was developed on 2006 it was named as Age Of Empires III. This game was critically credited well and it was also a huge commericial success.After all these success stories i would like to put Age Of Empires on the top of strategy games list.

                               Age of Empires III: Complete Collection

#2 Warcraft III:Reign Of Chaos

WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos is one of the best game in the Warcraft III series.WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos is a real time strategy game released by Blizzard games on 2005.This one is the second game in the sequel and the third game in Warcraft universe.Additional pack named as Frozen throne was released on 2003.Even though this game was released 10 years ago it still have the abiliy to stand in the top 10 rts games of all time.This game comes up with multiplayer and single player modes. Multiplayer mode is great.If i express the multiplaying experience just in a word great then it's a great disgrace. According to me it's the best multiplayer strategy game till date.

                              WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos [Download]

#3 Rise Of Nations 

Rise of Nations is another noticeable real time strategy game developed by Big Huge Games and was published by Microsoft studios.This real time strategy game was released on May 20,2003.This game features 18 civilizations and 8 ages of history.Rise Of Nation campaign mode is the best campaign mode in any real time strategy game.This game was also available on Microsoft Windows,Mac OS.After playing Rise of nations i felt it was a mixture of Civilization II.Oh yeah it's the mixture of Civilization because development of Rise Of Nation was lead by the developer of Sid Meier's Civilization V [Download] .This game was distributed in the form of CD.This is a must play game for all war game lovers.

                            Rise of Nations [Download]

#4 Company Of Heroes 2

Company of Heroes 2 [Download] is one another best real time strategy game  developed Relic Entertainment and released by Sega.This game is sequel of infamous Company of Heroes.This game runs on Relic Entertainment developed Essence 3.0 game engine.This game comes up with a great graphics.Graphics of almost all strategy games sucks in one way or another,but this game is having great gaming graphics.
Company of Heroes 2 [Download] was released on June 2013 for Microsoft Windows.For downloading this latest game click on the given links.
                                    Company of Heroes 2 [Download]

#5 StarCraft II Wings Of Liberty

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is sci-fi based real time strategy game developed and released by the infamous Blizzard studios.This game was released for Microsoft windows and mac.This game was a squeal to the award winning Starcraft which was released on 1998. Starcraft II was released on July 2010.This gmae reveolves around three species Terrans,Zerg and Protoss. This real time strategy game features two modes Single player and Multiplayer. Unlike the earlier version Starcraft this game lacks LAN play and the ability to switch mutliplayer between multiplayer regions.

                                    StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Download

#6 World In Conflict

World in Conflict - Complete Edition is another critically acclaimed real time strategy game developed by Swedish based video game company Massive Entertainment and published by the infamous Ubisoft. This real type strategy game was released for Microsoft Windows on September 2007.An expansion of the game World in Conflict Soviet Assault Expansion Pack was released on 2009. Story of the game was set in 1989 during the cold war time.This game was rated 9.5/10 by gamespot.

                                World in Conflict - Complete Edition [Download]

#7 Rome : Total War

Rome : Total War is an epic real time strategy game developed by The Creative Assembly.This game was released on 2004 by Activision for Microsoft windows and Mac. Mac version of the game was released on February 2010.The main goal of the game is to conqueror the mighty roman empire,rule and become the emperor of Rome.This game was a huge commercial success.On 2012 developers announced the development of  Total War : Rome II as the next edition of  infamous Total war series.

                             Rome: Total War - Gold Edition [Download]

#8 Civilization V

Civilization V is one of the most played Turn based strategy game.Civilization v is developed by Firaxis.This game was released on September 2010 for Microsoft windows.OS X version of the game was released on  November 2010.This is the fifth game in the series.Civilization V features some new elements which makes the gameplay so addictive.Civilization V takes the strategy games into a newer phase wit h the introduction of  hexagon tiles.Newer tools are added to increase the ease and to improve the gaming experience.Civilization V is a must play game for every gamer.

                      Sid Meier's Civilization V [Download]

#9 XCOM : Enemy Unknown

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is one among the best turn based strategy game from the developers of Civilization 5.This game was released by 2K Games.This game is the pure remake of a 1994 game X-Com: UFO Defense (Jewel Case).This game was released on October 9,2012 for Microsoft windows,PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.This game features alien invasion of earth.This game was crticially accliamed with an average ratings of 90 out of 100.These ratings mad e to put this game in the Best strategy games for PC.

                                 XCOM: Enemy Unknown [Download]

#10 Total War : Shogun 2

Shogun 2 brings back the infamous Total war game series back on track.This is a 2011 released game developed by  Creative assemble and published by Sega.This game is a part of the famous Total War game.The game is set in feudal japan.The country is divided into different rival clans by local warlords each fighting for control.The gamer takes the responsibility of a clan and his aim to get into the control position of the country.Shogun was released exclusively for Microsoft Windows.

                      Total War: Shogun 2 Gold [Download]    


Hope you guys enjoyed my post on top 10 strategy games for PC. If you have any more good games make me know about it by commenting.Subscribe to us and stay updated!


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