Remember Me 2013 Review

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Remember ME Latest Game

Remember me is a third person Action-adventure genre game developed by Dontnod entertainment and published by famous CAP COM. The game was released on June 2013 and it is available for PC,PS3,Xbox 360,


Like all new games this game also features the future.The story of the game occurs during the year 2084 in the future Paris named as Neo Paris.According to me story line is not so good.It lacks something somewhere.Story of the game is as follows the Memorise corporation of Paris had discovered a brain implant technique which is named as Sensation Engine.This feature enables 99% humans to share their feeling around the net and also they are  able to delete the unpleasant and unhappy memories.This technique gives memorise to control over the population and enables a surveillance state.This leads to rise of the rebels (working against memorise)  known as "Errorists".The creation of the new Sensation Engine created many memory addicted humans,and many of them had degraded memory and was also mutated into subhuman form living their rest of life in the sewers of Paris.


There are some stages where this game can claim their uniqueness.Apart from normal action-adventure genre game of jumping,chasing this includes unique stealth sequences,chasing on the roof, and many more.Another great and all adult gamers love is this game includes a heroine with two good measure mammaries .The terrific look and great musical background score gives a good face for the game.Future France is superbly depicted in this game.The game clearly shows the future slums to future posh places of France.The camera works of this game is remarkable and needed to be appreciated.While playing the game each and every location seems to be something same as that of  location of a posh animation movie.Future feeling gives you that the city is designed by the professional city planner.


Now lets talk about the negatives of the game.The game is still little bit predictable.The game story consists of no twists or turns it just straight forward it seems irritating for gamer's who loves twists and turns.The worst part of the game is the memory remixes ask the character to remove vignette from other character's past to establish their goal.There are some glitches too reported in opening the door and many.The game cannot be switched to first person mode


Remember me game received mixed reviews from the critics and the gamers. They have there own reasons to love and hate this game.Some of the mainstream review websites like game rankings and meta critics gave an average score of 74 and 73 out of 100.The real appreciation was given for the future France and memorise segments of the game. The weakest part of the game was overall design,poor platforming and bad story line at some points.The official PlayStation magazine had criticized the game combat,poor platforming and way of telling story.Me personally not played this game these are the reviews collected from the net and many other sources


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