Sony E3 Press Conference 2013

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We are here to visualize the Sony E3 2013 Press conference which was held yesterday.The company spent lot of time talking about the upcoming hardware PlayStation 4.Most interesting part of the conference was the announcement of PlayStation 4 price.During the conference a company official said   what its chief competitor, Microsoft, has planned. We now have answers to most of the mysteries, and the differences between the two rivals couldn't be more pronounced.Sony spoke briefly about the gaming programming rest of the 2 hour was spend for the announcement of upcoming games on PlayStation 3,PS VISTA and the upcoming PlayStation 4.The biggest of the announcements came towards the end.It calmed down all the fears which got stucked in the minds of many during the official reveal of PlayStation 4. CEO Jack Tretton puts the fear into rest by telling that "PlayStation 4 wont restrict the old games".

Another important announcement was the price of the upcoming gaming platform.Sony PlayStation 4 price ranges about $399 whereas Xbox one ranges about $499.This was a happy news for the one's who was so sad after seeing the price of XBOX ONE.There are couple of things to be jotted down,if you want to play online using PlayStation 4 you want to secure a PlayStation plus account for about 50$ per year.Sony had took this PlayStation plus account thing  after PlayStation 2,but Microsoft had showed them that gamers would  pay anything for playing online.Still there are many difference between the Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation plus account.Those who are not interested on online gaming are still able to access media services like Netflix without loosing any money for its subscription.

                                      "FOR THOSE WHO MISSED THE EVENT"

Sony also added some of the first party titles which will be coming up along with the new hardware.The announced four titles are Infamous:Second Sun.,Killzone:Shadow Fall,Knack and Drive Club.The Elder Scrolls Online beta and dlc's for Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed IV were announced at the evening.Sony also added that the next version of AC would include more naval  battles.

Till today Sony is on the top.Sony is strong for its competitive price,Consumer friendly approach,Unlimited offline gaming,Now everything is in the hands of Microsoft we are eagerly waiting for the response of Redmond.

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