Best Tycoon Games Like Roller Coaster Tycoon

You came here for a good list of Tycoon games ? Hopefully you are on the right place,I will show some good tycoon games which you must play before you die :P.Tycoon is one of the most searched genre in the games section.Tycoon games are alternatively known as Business simulation games or economic simulation games.This 2013 and by 2013 we all knew there will be lot of games under tycoon genre.Today i will help you to figure out some best economic simulation games.

Tycoon Games Like Roller Coaster  Tycoon

#1 Roller Coaster Tycoon 

When it comes to tycoon games the first word which comes to my mind is Roller Coaster Tycoon.I often saw people searching as "Games like Roller Coaster Tycoon" this because of the impact of the game.In this game player is given the control of a theme park.Player can hire staffs for building rides and many more.This is a must play game if you love Tycoon games.Managing finances in this game is fun,i never saw so much fun in any other games.This game is splited up into several stages,new stages will be accessible only after completing the later stages.There are three games and several dlc in roller coaster tycoon game.If you are really interested in tycoon games then you must buy this game.Buy the game through the link provided.

                                      Rollercoaster Tycoon 3: Platinum [Download]
                                       Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 [Download]

                                      Rollercoaster / Candace Loses Her Head

#2 Rail Road Tycoon

Rail Road Tycoon is another tycoon game which is almost same as Roller Coaster tycoon.In this game player focuses on building railway tracks and managing railway company.It's a great fun playing this game.In this game player can manage the ticket fare and control the entire rail company.This franchise of game was begun on 1990 and the recent edition of the game was released on 2006.It's of the easiest tycoon game to understand and play.Buy this game from games cay. We provide you this game at the cheapest rate available.
                                          Railroad Tycoon 3


#3 Sim City Series

Sim city is the most famous tycoon game.I think this was my first tycoon game. Sim city is a city building game which is released by the developers of Battlefield and Fifa series.Yes Ea had developed this game,so this there is nothing to worry about anything!Sim city is a 1989 released tycoon game,which also was the first tycoon games on consoles.Players should make a city and maintain the city by keeping happiness of the city and the bank balances.From 1989 Ea had developed many Sim City games out of these games sim city 4 is the most famous one.

                                      SimCity - Standard Edition [Download]


These are some games which came into my mind,there may be many other games.If you have any such list please feel free to post it to me so that i can make necessary changes.Hope you guys enjoyed my post.Stay tuned for more updates

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