The Tech Trends That Are Revolutionizing Gaming

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When it comes to gaming, whether you are into playing online poker or first person shooters, technology is definitely changing everything. Gaming has come a long way in recent years and it is all down to the latest advances in technology. Let's take a closer look at some of the current trends that are changing the face of gaming.

Motion Control Kicks It Up A Notch

Motion control was first brought to the mass market with the Nintendo Wii console and was quickly followed by Playstation Move and Xbox 360 Kinect. However, gamers have often complained that motion control is both prone to glitches and at times unnecessary. For the next generation of consoles developers are taking motion control to the next level.

With the upcoming release of Microsoft's Xbox One system, developers are working to make the Kinect respond to a more natural range of movement. It is hoped that the new line of motion controlled games will respond to how players move naturally. One example of this might be how players will lean into turns on a racing game. The latest Kinect model will be able to recognise this and move accordingly.

The Rise of Cloud Computing

One of the biggest tech trends in recent years is certainly the cloud. It seems like everyone is taking advantage of this new storage solution. In fact, Sony has announced that much of the processing required by its upcoming Playstation 4 console will be performed by remote cloud based servers. One of the other gaming areas benefiting from cloud computing is online poker.

An increasing number of online poker sites and poker tracking software providers are using the cloud for storage, eliminating the need for players to install a database onto their computers. The initial tests of these sites among players have shown a reduction in the amount of 'lag' experienced while taking up a lesser amount of CPU and RAM.

DVR and Streaming for Games

Gaming is fast becoming a spectator sport thanks in large part to the increasing popularity of Major League Gaming. There is an ever increasing level of demand for platforms that will allow fans to view live streams of games being played. Both Sony and Microsoft are integrating
the necessary tools to broadcast love gameplay with a minimal amount of effort. Both the PS$ and the Xbox One are also going to allow players to record gameplay with built in DVR.

Virtual Reality

One of the most highly anticipated advances in gaming is the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. In the past virtual reality that is actually fully functional has seemed like a science fiction fantasy, but even although the developers have only been working with the headset for a couple of months they have made huge strides.

Virtual reality has plenty of scope for gaming of all sorts. It is not difficult to imagine it working with online poker and action adventure games alike. Imagine playing online poker with a virtual headset. Instead of just viewing the table on screen you could place yourself in a complete virtual casino setting.

These are just a few of the biggest and perhaps most popular technology trends being embraced by the gaming industry at the moment. Every day technology marches forward helping games of every genre not only look amazing visually, but also to perform to at extremely high standards. Players are able to interact with games in ways that did not seem possible just a few years ago, so who knows where technology can take gaming in the future.

Jim Dalton is a freelance blogger who specializes in technology and gaming.

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