Gaming Experience in Samsung Phones

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The smartphone gaming industry is booming these days. High-end games that you have been playing on other gaming-gadgets are now easily available for a smart phone. They are exact replicas or just a little bit different from them. Smart Phones provide you the same or better performance and gaming experience as compared to the gaming-gadgets, as smart phones these days are more advanced and powerful than most of the gaming consoles. Also, games on smart phones are free which attracts some more customers.

Gaming Experience on Samsung Smart Phones-
Samsung has been producing the most powerful phones in the history, which is why it is so famous amongst the consumers. Note 3, Galaxy S5 are the most recent smart phones by Samsung. They are fast, fluid and excellent all-rounder.
But, is their gaming unit as powerful as their processor is? The answer is yes.
The processor, GPU and the overall usage of these units on Samsung devices are pushed to its max.
Opinion is as follows-
Compatibility- Most of the Samsung smart phones support the high-end games.
Gaming Performance- While playing games like Nova 3, Real Racking and Asphalt 8 on the Samsung Smart Phones no lag was found at all. These heavy games worked perfectly without any lag. Games worked smoothly under all conditions, whether with apps opened or while multitasking or so.
Graphics- The Game play on Samsung devices very great even on the highest graphics settings too. Well, not all Samsung phones can render such graphics. Only a smart phone with high-end specifications can do this, as Samsung has the highest specifications in their recent flagships like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy S5. Thus, these smart phones can provide a fluid gaming experience without any problem.
Gaming Experience on a list of Samsung devices-
  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 3
It is the best gaming smart phone available for an Executive Gamer. If you are a kind of person like “Work Hard, Play hard” then Note 3 is the perfect match for you. According to the benchmark test it is capable of running high-end games. The specifications score of the Note 3 is 2900-3100 which is pretty good.  The graphic benchmark score is 26. This device can easily squeeze more frames per second when it comes to increase the graphic quality. Overall, it is a nice gaming device at such a big screen size.
  1. Samsung Galaxy S5
          Samsung galaxy 5  undoubtedly is one of the best smartphones you can get for a wonderful gaming experience.  The HD display helps you see all the minor details of the games while providing you with a lag-free experience. Its processor is specifically designed to take on heavy 3D graphics, to replicate console gaming on your mobile device.
If you’re a hardcore gamer and want a seamless gaming experience, you should opt for Samsung, as with its processor power, and high battery life, you will enjoy gaming just like you can on a dedicated console or a computer.

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