Total Domination and Stormfall by Plarium

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Plarium, one of the leader companies in MMO games present here a little review of part of her more popular games so you can start enjoying and upgrade your gamer experience.
The first one is TOTAL DOMINATION. The world has changed. Civilization is lost, and war is the only World Order. Build a fortress of ash ruined cities ... Restore your industry ... and develop your country. At  Total Domination you should discover lost knowledge and investigate new technologies necessary to control the weapons of the future. And grab your Empire. Take command of the largest army in the world, protect your people fighting a total and ultimately war, for control of lands and resources in the world. You are not alone in your struggle. To lift you to win you have to form powerful alliances with your friends. Exchange knowledge, combat experience and resources. And together you will defeat whoever gets in your way. Find valuable lost artifacts, and use its power to unite or destroy thousands of cities fighting for supremacy. Bring them under your command! This is your moment! This ruined world domination awaits you...

Other of its popular games is STORMFALL AGE OF WAR
Stormfall is a medieval military strategy game for Facebook guy with an incredible story. Lands Darkshine have succumbed to chaos. Stormfall The Empire has fallen and rival warlords battle march around in continent as an ancient evil rises once more. You'll have to fight a strategic war of conquest in a dark world of forbidden magic, dragons, destiny and heroes. To do this, you must build a mighty castle, to dominate trade and intrigue, and arm yourself with magic and techniques of siege. Gather your Armies - Recruit Barbarians, Paladins, Umbras, Dragons, Necromancers and others to fight under your banner.
Find cunning to survive, the will to win and the glory of the Kings as they fight to reclaim the throne of Stormfall - peacetime and legends have been passed ... we are now in Wartime!
You can try this games and travel immediately to fantastic worlds that are waiting for your strength and your military skills.

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