Thrissur Pooram 2015

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Thrissur Pooram is one of the most important temple festival celebrated in kerala., Thrissur pooram is known for attracting foreign tourists to kerala. Thrissur pooram has a long history, it is held in thrissur swaraj round. This year Thrissur Pooram 2015 will be held on April 29, 2015. Thrissur pooram features the competiton between between two temples, Thiruvambady and parammekaavu temple both the temples are few metres apart from the swaraj round. The main attraction of thrissur pooram is Vedikettu, there will be two rounds of vedikettu one will be sample or trial. Sample vedikettu 2015 will happen on April 27, 2015. Final round vedikettu will be on the pooram day. People from different places come to Thrissur for witnessing the beauty created by the fireworks. Another major festival involved is Capricisons. Pooram is a 7 day festival in which the final day is the most important or the most celebrated one. All local medias and some national medias will be covering Thrissur Pooram 2015. If you want to watch Thrissur Pooram 2015 live, then check out the links provided for watching thrissur pooram festival 2015.

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